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A Searing Enigma of Madness and Genius by Hailed-Manic A Searing Enigma of Madness and Genius :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 0 0 Icy Plush by Hailed-Manic Icy Plush :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 2 2
The Legend of the Daemonhai Kingdom
In the beginning, when the world was young and the people of Neroth were still learning how to stand, six Dæmonhai came to this land and surveyed it.  And when they saw the budding ‘intelligent’ life that had spawned, they knew this would be the perfect feeding ground, their kingdom.
However, the land had to be cultivated first.  The Dæmonhai introduced themselves to the natives and began to teach them.  They taught them how to grow their food, and how to build strong and massive structures.  But the most valuable subject the Dæmonhai taught was the Words of Power.
The Dæmonhai taught a perverted and corrupted system to the natives.  The magic was aggressive and only the strong or the crafty could survive a civilization with these powers.
The decline of the Dæmonhai kingdom came, ironically, from one clever citizen.  And while this person’s name has been lost, the actions they took caused change throughout the Ner
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The Tale of Nightbloom
Some two hundred and odd years after The Tale of the Three Brothers, the kin of Albwin, the Moon Clan, had grown to a considerable size.  Unlike the kin of Finn, the Moon Clan had stayed together rather than splinter and spread far and wide.  Worry had begun to spread within the clan, as food was becoming harder and harder to supply for everyone.
The clan had migrated and come to the base of an immense cliff.  The smooth face of the cliff rose many meters into the sky, above the tops of the trees that the clan was resting under.  And stretching off in the unseen distance, the sides of the cliff went to the North and South.  Moss and vines adorned the otherwise plain face, adding some color to the drab stone.
On one particular night, a young wolven girl had difficulty falling asleep, a child named ‘Nightbloom’.  She had been born just after the sun had set, and the flowers for which she had been named for opened their petals in time to hear her
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The Tale of the Three Brothers
The wolven history is said to have started from three brothers, born of a lone great she-wolf.  The first and eldest of the brothers was Albwin.  The largest of them all, he was also the strongest and most steadfast.  He was known to topple an oak wider than himself by the age of seven.  But, despite the immensity of his physical strength, it was only seconded by the size and strength of his heart.
Finn, the second eldest, had a lighter build than his older brother.  Quick in mind and foot, there was none who could catch him as he seemed to be everywhere at once and yet untouchable.
The youngest of the brothers was named Rüdiger.  Unlike his brothers, there was nothing truly special about him, other than his pure white coat of fur.  He was the smallest of the three, trailing behind and overshadowed by his siblings.  Although, he was the most beloved by their mother.
The family of four lived a happy life together.  Each cared for the oth
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Icy at Sunset by Hailed-Manic Icy at Sunset :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 1 2
The Lady of Air

The sun shone bright overhead.  The changeling skittered along through the trees, ducking in and out, looking for her friends.  A smile crossed her face as she spotted them.  The others squealed in glee at her arrival, tackling her onto her side and rolling merrily in grass.  Someday they would grow up to be powerful hunters, strong in the ways of magic.  They would be the next generation to take from the land.
But not her...
They happy group played and nipped at each other in pure, innocent fun.  These were the times that she was happiest: with her friends.  The adventures they would go on, to the waterfall, playing in the river, climbing trees, and stalking tiny critters in the brush.  She rolled on her back and soaked in the rays of the warming sun.  It was good to be alive.
The changelings chased each other in a game of tag, until they looked up, realizing they entered unfamiliar territory
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Cynthia  By Snowfyre by Hailed-Manic
Mature content
Cynthia By Snowfyre :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 1 6
Avaleen by Hailed-Manic Avaleen :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 0 0 Elemental Chart by Hailed-Manic Elemental Chart :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 1 1 Stormcrest Univerisity by Hailed-Manic Stormcrest Univerisity :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 0 0
Compilation of Oxygen
Oh, the oxygen in the air,
'tis powerful, to be fair.
The destruction lies
when it begins to oxidize,
I think it's quite debonair.
Each breath is so rife.
But without, there's no life.
Where to begin,
if lacking oxygen?
It'd be a world of strife.
Oxygen, so essential,
it has great potential.
If we yearn,
what could we learn
all from its credentials?
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TO - Anywhere 1/2
The Observer - Anywhere
= = = =
There are people that are always striving to be in the right place at the right time.  They wish to elevate themselves, raise their position in the world to higher levels, be it for fame, fortune, or power.  What if a person could be anywhere they wished?
Meet Nelson Harper.  He is a fine man in his late twenties.  He lives in a relatively small apartment, and has an office job working with Bennett Brothers.  Overall, Nelson had a good life, but all his problems stemmed from one source: he was almost always late.
Ever since birth, he has been late coming or arriving at the last possible second.  It is not entirely his fault.  It was as if the world was against his progress.  No matter the measures he took to secure getting somewhere early, any little thing that could go wrong would go wrong.  And in the end, Harper would inevitably be late once again.
From this constant lateness, Nelson has had oth
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My Imagination
Why do I feel so strange?
It isn't sickness or fatigue.
It hasn't spread through my body,
it's only in my head, see?
It feels like a part of my mind
has curled up and died.
Not my intelligence,
with history and facts.
Nor my reasoning,
with logic at my back.
'Tis my imagination
and all its creative writings.
At least it crawled into a corner
before it commenced dying.
I am left to wonder:
"Will I get it back?"
Revival from the dead?
The prospect looks black.
Still, I guess I should try,
even though my imagination has died.
:iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 1 3
Earth Rune-Stone by Hailed-Manic Earth Rune-Stone :iconhailed-manic:Hailed-Manic 0 5
The True Force 2/2
The True Force
Chapter 2: Absolute
= = = =
The shadowy being waited patiently as the sun rose.  It was around mid-morning that the resident of the house came out.  While the creature that came out was what could be described as a young, purple unicorn, the being saw something very different.  Through his eyes, the being could see his target as a twisted and demonic creature.  And if he was not incorporeal, the being was sure his eyes would have bled from the sight.
But this would not deter him.  He was a wizard, a soldier, one that had been on many a mission.  To him, this was but another operation in the line of duty to defend his homeland, Dahttash.  He remembered what his commanding officer said to him in the briefing, "your mission, Magus Blayze Adron, is to secure the homeland safety at all costs.  Priority to maintaining stealth, we don't need those on the other side to know of our actions.  Use any and all means at your disposal.
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My latest work. Please, check them out and tell me what you think.


So as those who follow me here can guess... I don't post, like, at all.

However, I am changing things up.  I am moving off of DeviantArt and onto Patreon, where I can be more productive!
Come find me here!  The more, the merrier!


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Jim "Mr. Wizard" Vox
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Who am I? What am I?
I am -
- a reader
- a writer
- a word-smith
- a thinker
- a provoker of thoughts
- diverse
- away from the cultural mainstream
- just weird that way
- a game player
- a Lore-Master
- a Rune-Keeper
- a Wizard
- hailed
- manic

I am the Hailed Manic

= = = =

Personal Quotes:
~"In Imperfection is true Perfection" ~
~"Go through Life with a grain of salt, go through the Internet with the whole shaker"~
~"Talent is a catalyst for success, but that doesn't mean effort isn't required"~
~"Even the man with billions of dollars of intelligence is an idiot without common 'cents'"~
~"Sometimes, all people have for common sense is wooden nickels"~


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