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up+B equals love

Captain Falcon's up-B attack in SuperSmash Bros: Melee...creepy...
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In the Super Smash Bros. games, the button combination UP(Control Stick) + B, or up special move, is the Falcon Dive, which grabs an opponent and literally explode him/her out of existance.
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But, what does that have to do with being violated? That's what I don't get.
That the way Captain Falcon grabs you (mostly from behind), explodes, and then yells "YES!!!1!" and ejects from your body makes, at least for me, a notorious sexual reference
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Thank you, I know understand the joke. Though instead of finding it funny, I'm deeply disturbed.
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I always thought of it as him grabbing your face like Diddy Kong does
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Creepy as Yoshi's "ingest, then basically give birth to you" B move? Guess it's right up there. 
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But then what is PK Love?
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I would love it if I could press fave 100x
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i like how we all love playing as the boys and making them be like bros or hating but must of the times everybodys bros like

link pit marth fox mario sonic and captain falcon are bros

like link and marth are bros pit and link are bros and fox and falco are bros but falco is also bros with C-falcon

but like everybodys bros with link and marth i love the brotherly love Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 

i see pit and link as bros and marth is like the big brother of them all like pit the little bro link the big bro and marth the biggest bro

everybody is so beautiful Miuna Crying Icon  i cant even

Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1]  THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS
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Is this because Marth looks like a girl?
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And then there's a mini fire falcon on his dick for half a second.

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Have you noticed? In the Marth's birthday comic, CAPTAIN FAlCON, Link, Roy, & Falco are shown to be Marth's closest friends. These comics are known for Marth being the butt of every joke. Especially when it comes to being in a comic strip involving his on-and-off buddy, C. Falcon. I love the relationship these two have. Like their friendship is obviously existent as Marth considers him one of his closest friends. And although their friendship is clearly visible, their clashing personalities makes pits them both at odds with each other in nearly every comic that centers around the two. However despite that, they seem to genuinely care for one another and see each other as friends. It's just C. Falcon hates Marth's personality, and Marth is annoyed with Falcon's antics. Despite their quarrels, they are indeed on good terms. They have a very complex and complicated friendship.
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XD whenever me and my brother play as Gannon or Capt. Falcon, we call that the "kiss" move XD :icondragonkekeplz:
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I call it 'The monkey' XDD
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It's a bit strange, but my friends and I always call it the "air-hump of death" xD :iconsorryplz: :iconlaughterplz:
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Lol I should start calling it that!
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This is EPIC Hilarious! Love the comics you do!
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