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The Pirate's Life, or Not

What? A fancomic section? Jeez, dA, just send me a letter and tell me I'm unoriginal to my face and save me some button-pressing time. WOE IS ME WHO CAN'T DO NO SELF-CREATED CHARACTERS BECAUSE anyway

So, like, sucks to be Tetra. Really; you're a B.A. pirate, and out of nowhere this kid comes up and is like "okay you put on this dress and sit over here for a while" and then that's the end of your seafaring adventures forever (nobody correct me or I will stab you in the jaw)! Man, I left her in that basement for like a month before beating Ganondorf. I guess she'd be pretty angry...uh oh I'm recycling jokes that can't be good.

Like...I guess you've noticed that I haven't done a comic in ten days (and haven't done a good comic in who knows how long), a new feat. Dernit, and I was so close to hitting the consistant-for-a-year mark...but I'm all tied up working on other things. Other, more made-in-Flash things.

Haha, I screwed up Tetra/Zelda's ears the exact same way in both the sixth and seventh panels. It almost looks like that was on purpose.

In other news, snakes on a plane.
Happy Perfect Opportunity For a Depressing Poem Day. I got a little paper ring with a heart on it.

...And pirates are better than ninjas.
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She would've been safer with Link.
Sailor-Touko667's avatar
Tetra in the 6th panel is so funny!
Hoooowwwl's avatar
Lord-of-the-Stars's avatar
I think I'm going to engrave one of my plasma pistols and write "incase that happens to me".
deathstrikesquirrel's avatar
Everyone knows Mr. Rogers is the ultimate warrior
Fire-Princess-Siari's avatar
I love this game~ Poor Tetra.. One second she's a pirate then she's locked in a basement with a stranger that says hes her father or somethin
Azzzanadra's avatar
umm, no? the king returned to the surface with link as a boat, were you not listening?
CL1MBER's avatar
pirates ARE better then ninjas! :iconlooolplz:
Tigerach's avatar
"D'awwww.....I wanted to be a PIRATE, goshdarnit!"
yenke's avatar
True story bro
Moon-Princess016's avatar
I always see this picture and I always forget to add this to my favorites! THIS COMIC IS AMAZING!
grim15fire's avatar
dat always questions me. If it took me like 2 months to finish the damn game how is Zelda keeping live and well to fight Ganon?
ja-c25's avatar
Great job!
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I love how the first page of comments are filled with 'who's better' stuff. We all know who's better, kids. SPACE Pirates! Just look at Ridley! He's been ressurected like Jesus for who knows how long!
ashchu-rules-97's avatar
how the heck did she get into a dress so fast?
Erika8's avatar
hahahaha poor Tetra... so true....

I always felt semi-guilty when she was alone in that basement (with literally NOTHING to do) and I was off taking pictures of crap.... but not guilty enjough to hurry up and beat the game. :P
ScytheVale's avatar
ROFL omg nice one,yeah,I never get the chance to play the game but now I now it must of sucked for her to be inside a basement for a long time x"D
linkissupercute's avatar
i ask myself those three questions every day, tetra.
IdealSugar's avatar
that pretty much sums it up.
Drone-Goon's avatar

That's Nintendo gender theory for ya': Badassness is measured by your set of clothes. Alternatively "women can be be tough as long as they don't wear dresses" (as exemplified by Tetra and Sheik, when contrasted by princess Zelda).
Sabata101's avatar
So True, So True
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