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Surf Strike Part1

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And after that lovely interlude, we rejoin our heroes about twenty levels higher for more seafaring shenanigans.

It is always a good idea to remember not to send a Pokeman to its death if you are using it for a flotation device.

Blagh I hate water. Add water to the list of things I can't draw.

Part2 over hizz-hurr.
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Do the trainers just doggie paddle while waiting?
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hahaha yeah you got a good point there that is never addressed in the game:
What if the trainer gets caught in the middle of the battle
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N would just LOVE that shirt...
ZeldaWolfPrincess's avatar
N from Pokèmon B&W or from Death Note?
YuKitsuneYoukai's avatar
Ahahahahahaahahaha XD
miku1215's avatar
I must say your very tom-boyish ^^
ScytheVale's avatar
Hahaha yeah,I rlly like ur work its rlly cool xD
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I know someone with a red Gyrarados.
SpellboundFox's avatar
I know, right? How am I able to ride a Pokemon that has fainted?!
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Gyarados makes yet another epic entrance. XD
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I always wondered what happened when you battled using the Pokemon you were surfing with....
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you know, it always creeps me out how when im playing (ive got the emerald version) the dudes are wearing all wearing a speed-o. *shudder*
FallenAngelKokoro's avatar
ahaha! that is amaing
DirroRonna97's avatar
Your artwork always funny! It makes my laugh out loud everytime i read this :XD:
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This is too awesome. XDDD
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The "Our eyes have met; we must now do battle! Attack, my Gyarados!" speech is so creepy.
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Sometimes it makes me wonder how the heck do we battle with our main pokemon while being on the water.In a middle of the ocean.Anyways nice comic.
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I have always wondered about this!!!

See if future pokemon games fix awkward questions like this rather than make 100 more pokemon that look progressively stranger I will be a happy person.

One of the few ways Ranger made sense: only water pokemon in the water.
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Heh, yeah you don't really think about it, but what else could happen if your riding your Pokemon then send it into battle X3 And if your don't win, you and your surfing Pokemon will be in bad shape, or worse X'D
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Something I noticed on the water battles, if you recall the Pokemon you're surfing on, it goes back in the Pokeball... I mean... wtf?!

My first thought: WHAT THE *SPLOOOSH!*
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HAHAHA LOL it makes sense.
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