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Oscar is a Smilin' Fool

I got them thar new Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and it's super-keen and I've been playing it so much that I've not had time to do a decent comic, ahaha.

So for those of you who've yet to experience it, one of the central characters--Oscar, the green-haired lad on the far right--constantly holds an expression of sheer mirth. Like other Fire Emblem games, this one has like a million text-based conversations that use the same sprites over and over again; and Oscar's sprite is...smiling. Always. Like, the other characters' expressions change a bit from time to time, but Oscar just goes from "really happy" to "slightly less happy but still feeling fine."

It bothers me.

Also, Kieran (who has some of the greatest lines in the game) calls him a "deceitful, lying, squinty coward!"
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Aw but I love Oscar c:
he's so adorable, he's like Stahl from Awakening
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Ya know, I'm actually questioning the stats more that Ike is describing... "Out-matched 15 to 1"? "Flaming arrows and lasers"? "70% Critical Hit ratio"? I know it's joke, but LOOOL! Either they're REALLY under-leveled, or the enemies are too OP for words!! XD
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I know I'm replying to a four year old comment, but why would lasers be in mideval times?
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This is great!
Omg, I love this so much xD
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Oscar reminds me of russia from hetalia (or a cat) O.O
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HAHA! I know he smiles all the time!
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I didn't laugh.
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This is hilarious, you gotta love the green-haired brothers of the Greil Mercenaries, Boyd for being awesome, Oscar for never frowning, and Rolf for being Rolf
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Haha! Silly Oscar, your getting on Boyd's nerves!

... lasers?
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Whoo! That game is fun!
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XDD When someone says stop smiling you gotta laugh XDDDDDD
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LOL reminds me of Kyubey. "If you ever feel like dying for the sake of the universe, jsut tell me!" *still smiling.
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Oscar is like brock from Pokemon and olimar from Pikmin. Boyd, that's not nice to do to your brother. Oscar loves his family and is a good chef.
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Me: (starts smilling)
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its true!no matter what happens Oscar's still smiling!xD lol!XD great job on the comic!:D
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