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"Most famous onomatopoeia? Maybe."

For Rei because she is special and makes me feel old and unclever.

Whuh-oh, art lapse! You know what this means!
...No you don't. You are a clueless mammal. It means that I'VE GOT SOME IMPORTANT BIZ-E-NASS TO DO. Plus midterms.
But this time when I say "top-secret business" I'm actually going to present what I've been doing. Not like last time. Big works in production, oh yes.
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Haaaa this is wonderful :D
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ok i have the most awesome thing to say ´´BOOM BITCH GET OUT OF THE WAY´´ :icondivaplz:
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Take a picture trix.
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I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat) I'm on a boat motherf!#@^#$
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I can't beleive it's taken me this long to remember to fave this. Fail.
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HA! I love those sorts of onomatopoeia!

My favourites, however, are "fish" and "Hasslehoff!". "Boat" works well too, though.
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Your sense of humour is...humerous.

I suck, I know. D:
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Redundant sentences of redundancy!!!
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I...I... there is a boat in my DA name...:O You are amazing :D
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When bears attack.
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"I say old boy this is most unpleasant! You'll be hearing from my solicitor!"
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So when you crash a boat into a tea party, it makes a "boat" sound? I like it!
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Here in Mexico Onomatopeya sounds like ''Oh no! Me atropella'' what in english is Oh no! It runs over to me! So it was very similar :O_o:
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This is the second-best onomatopoeia ever.

The first-best, you ask?

"Blagoonga", of course.
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Dude this thing is awsome!Right into the table. LOL!
the best things in life are ones we don't get
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Lol thats the first thing that came to mind for me XD, from this link, [link]

Now I dont even know who trivium is so dont be taking out any hatred on me alright? XD

And yeah is that a bear or a kid??
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