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Green is Good

Merry Saint Patrick's Day.

I guess. Does anyone honestly care about this holiday? I don't know. I'm not Irish and I'm not of legal drinking age so it isn't a particularly important day of the year for me.

I am, however, slightly relieved that it fell on a weekend this time around, because every year I get injured by my peers for not wearing green. I mean, come on. I don't own any green clothing. Leave me alone. I have no conceivable reason to be wearing green -- I don't regularly try to hide myself in forests, fleeing predators by camouflaging my body to the lush foliage.

I'm sure characters as inherently violent as the ones included in the Super Smash Bros series would take any excuse to wound things, though.

I'm thinking maybe I lapsed into a stroke while drawing the third panel of this comic and my seizing arms, gripping the pen in a curdled fist and violently dragging it across the tablet
in a convulsing pattern, somehow made Link look like a Jew.
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You don't need to be of Irish descent (or drink alcohol) to celebrate Irish-Americans, who have been a very important part of American culture. :)

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May I dub this? xD
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love how you draw Marth. I just love his stance. :D LOVE IT :D
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Humor Detected. Conclusion: AMUZING!!!!

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Team Brawl Link red team everyone else Green team

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um...I think you guys killed link
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The one day he doesn't wear green.
Oh the irony.
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Would you like some(possible theories) on why you get hurt if your not wearing green on Saint Patty's day?
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I love Katie's comics this is one of my faves :) glad ya posted her work ^^
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LOL i love pikachus expression
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Poor, poor Link.
At first I didn`t understand the joke in this little comic but after you mentioned Merry Saint Patrick`s Day I did XD
Marth expression in the last panel is gorgeous XD
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on Saint Patricks Day, i make sure im not wearing any green just to troll my friends, plus they cant hurt me cuz then they'll get in trouble~
which is really lame, but its school. -_-. but epicness! XD. i like what you did with marth too.
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i love how Marth is just standing there ignoring them! haha love it!
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One word: HIGHlarious!
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Pikachu's face cracked me up XD
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aND mARTH DOES NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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POOR LINK!!! id rather deal with the master hand than the... THE FALCO PUNCH!!!!
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Falcon... Buttocks.
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