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Yes, as you know if you've seen any of the trailers, both the Iron Boots and the (poorly-drawn) Gorons return in Twilight Princess. So I didn't spoil anything.
For real, I am conscious of you poor fools who haven't played it yet. I would not want to harm your mental state by revealing to you that, say, Midna is Link's mother, or that Zelda turns out to be a man.

Was I joking? You don't know!


Oh, and because people keep ragging on me for it: yes, I draw Midna with her left eye covered. Perhaps you commoners don't know it, but the Wii version of Twilight Princess was completely flipped so that Link could be righthanded. All for you starboard freaks. This means that everything in the game is mirrored; every other character in the game is lefthanded, Hyrule is geographically lopsided, Midna's helmet is covering her other eye, blah blah blah.
Some people may say "Okay, so just draw it that way", but no! The GameCube version is still unmirrored, and Link remains lefthanded in SSB: Brawl and all concept art. I will continue to draw them as they were meant to be drawn, and I will also continue to overimplement italics.
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Ooh...that's gotta hurt.
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Well... the boots worked...
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Hehe you're right XD
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YAY FOR LEFT HANDED LINK!!!!!!!! I think it adds... well i dont know i like it better when he is left handed
I also wondered why this didn't happen, it's utter logic after all, oh well. XD lol Very nice And well.. It DID stop the Goron... At least the boots stopped it from pushing the well, boots... :P ha ha ha
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That's almost exactly what I was gonna say.
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you and your spoilers.........almost made me bang my head on the library keyboard(ALMOST)........but I did give a small zelda sword swinging yell(hourglass)..............why is there not a video camera when you need one (yes I am commenting on stuff who-knows-how-long-ago was submitted)
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I love your rant. Some people are just really annoying.
. . .
Or stupid.
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This is one of the few times the artists comment made me laugh even more then the picture.
Well done! :clap:
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HAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!! He should have have a heavy body Suit to go with the boots! :)
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so much for iron boots....
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This is really good :D
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Yes! Lefty Link FTW! Thank you for drawing him like that. ^^
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I am a proud owner of the gamecube version and firm believer in Lefty Link.
and lol Goron
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One word : LOL.
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If they're so heavy when you put them on, why aren't they heavy when you carry them?...
mynameInigoMontoya's avatar midna stuck IN the sand...?
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