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Thanks for adding my Fan-art drawing of Bowser in your Group! :D
I'm sorry to ask, but does somebody has the fanficiton Popanda made back in the day about bowser conquering the mushroom kingdom? It was super good and I would love to read how Bowser defeats Mario again!

I love Bowser and I made this picture of Bowser and Peach in love and got married. I hope you like it.
Wouldn't Bowsette be considered an OC as well because it isn't considered canon.
Then why do I see some Bowsette images submitted into this group without the real Bowser along with her? ^^;
I am not in charge. I am just answering from my perspective.  I mean Bowsette is a poor (depending on the artist) attempt at doing Peachette. Which it should be "Peachser", to match Toadette's name change. Bowsette sounds like a Toadette x Bowser fusion.