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Welcome to haikyuu club.
This group is about the manga and anime by Furudate Haruichi.

if you want to join just click "join group" and you'll be automatically accepted.
This group is about the manga and anime by Furudate Haruichi.

please make sure to follow this few rules:
:bulletorange: Submit to the right folder.
:bulletorange: Be nice to other group members.
:bulletorange: Art that contains original pictures from the anime or manga are not allowed ( such as wallpapers, renders, traces) [ref drawings are okay as long as theres credit & the ref picture]
:bulletorange: gif's & Line-arts & doujinshis are allowed
:bulletorange: Do not submit others art work. only yours (collabs are allowed).
:bulletorange:Shonen ai (BL) and shoujo ai (GL) are allowed as long as they not hardcore.
:bulletred:If you want to advertise something;(haikyuu relaited) please send a note!

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Do not submit to the featured folder.
:bulletblue: Karasuno High
:bulletblue: Nekoma High
:bulletblue: Aobajousai High
:bulletblue: Date Tech High
:bulletblue: Fukurodani High
:bulletblue: Other Haikyuu Schools and Characters
:bulletblue: Shiratorizawa High
:bulletblue: Gifs, Fanfics, Sketches, line-arts, Comics
:bulletblue: Cosplay
:bulletblue: Crossovers (haikyuu characters with other manga/ anime characters or different school members together)
:bulletblue: Ocs (for haikyuu ocs only)

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gifs,Fanfic, Sketches, line-arts, Comics
Omamori Stories: Haikyuu!!XReader (DaichiXReader)I'm thinking this will be a series with different characters. I have a few written already, but this may open up to requests once those are done. I hope you enjoy!!enmusubi: omamori meant to give you good fortune in your love life, Having fallen asleep at 2 am after cleaning up after his friends, Daichi groaned as his phone buzzed violently beside his ear. He fumbled for his phone as he attempted to dive deeper into his pillow. He tapped his screen to turn off the alarm but it continued to ring. He leaned up and (Name)’s smiling face from last year’s cultural festival looked back at him.“Hello?” His clock said 6:27 AM.“I’m waiting outside!”“Do you know what time it is?”“Come on, you get up earlier than this! We are going to the temple together remember?”Daichi rubbed his face. Now that she mentioned it, he recalled her saying it at practice before winter break and then she texted him last night.“Ok I’m coming down.”He washed his face and brushed before pulling on a knitted red sweater and jeans. He threw his black coat over and tied a scarf to protect his neck from the brisk January day. He opened the door as he shoved his feet into his shoes.“Happy New Year!”(Name) gave him an infectious wide smile. White earmuffs protected her ears and she wore her hair down. It cascade over her black coat. She wore knee high black boots as well.“Happy new year to you too.” Daichi smiled and tried to fight off a yawn. She grabbed his hand and they began walking towards the shrine.(Name) told him how she woke up and watched the first sunrise with her parents. Daichi had slept through it since he stayed up late. He didn’t understand how she could be so energetic while running on four hours of sleep.“I wanted to beat the line but there is still a small one! Oh well.” (Name) she peered around the people in front of them to see how far they were from the front. She looked at him.“Are your ears cold, Dai-Kun?” She placed her gloves hands over his red ears. He chuckled.“A little, but your nose is red, name-chan.”“You had me waiting outside.” She stuck out her tongue. The line moved ahead and they were before the bell. Name pulled the string before placing her hands together in front of her chest. Daichi followed in suit. Her eyes were closed as she prayed.He wondered what she prayed for. Daichi asked for success for the volleyball team and in college. He opened his left eye to see if she was finished. She opened her eyes right then.“Ready to go?” She nodded.They stepped aside and she grabbed Daichi‘s hand go go to another part of the temple.“Hello.” She bowed to the priest before pulling out an envelope. There was an assortment of omamori in every color promising those who purchased one good luck and blessing.“You already got otoshidama bukuro1?” She pulled out a bill and handed it to the priest before picking up a matching set of Omamori.Daichi wasn’t a staunch believer in omamori and he didn’t think name was either. She pulled him aside and they silently walked to a nearby park. She sat down on the cold bench. He sat beside her.“I didn’t think you believed in omamori.”“I don’t. I think having one is a nice reminder though. And I think belief is what makes most things reality.” She pulled out the omamori from her pocket and handed him the blue one.Daichi furrowed his brow.“Did you want the pink one?”“No, I just have nothing to tie it to.”“You can put it in your wallet.”Daichi patted his pocket and frowned. Name laughed.“If you forgot it don’t worry. Tie it or keep it in your wallet when you get home. I’ll tie it to my backpack later too.” He took the blue omamori.“What did you pray for?”“If I told you I don’t think it’ll come true.”“I never took you for a suspicious type.”“I’m not! We all have our things and this is mine.” She paused. “Well, I always pray for my family and success in school and for my friends and health and of course, you.” Her faced seemed redder.She opened her small knapsack and pulled out two bento boxes.“I’m sorry they might be cold now. I made osechi ryori2.”Daichi graciously accepted one as he was starving. He opened the box to reveal neat sections of kuromame (black soybeans), konbu (seaweed), Kuri-kinton (candied chestnuts), tai (red sea bream), tazukuri (candied sardines), and ebi (shrimp).He took a piece of Tai and sighed. (Name) was such a good cook. She was eating quietly. He felt awful he didn’t make or bring anything.Daichi began telling her last night’s happenings with the volleyball team in his house. She showed him pictures of the sunrise.“Thank you for the osechi ryori. It was delicious.”“I’m glad you liked it.”“I’ll walk you home.”He grabbed her hand this time and she yawned as they walked.“I think I’m going to take a nap when I get home.”“Good idea. Me too.”They stopped in front of her house.“You should come in to warm up, Dai-Kun.”She stepped up on the front step making her closer to his height.“Your ears are sooo red.”“What about you, Rudolph?”He kissed her nose. She laughed and pecked his lips before pulling away from him.“Hey!” She opened the door and he caught it before it closed.“Are you coming in? Otherwise all the cold air is coming in.”Daichi entered and hung up his coat. The warmth hugged him and he followed name upstairs. She was tying the omamori to her backpack.“Nap time?”“You can’t just kiss me and run off like that.”“Oh? But I did.” Name pulled off her black tights as Daichi closed the door. He laid down and she cozied up to him. His arm wrapped around her middle. She slid her hands under her pillow. For the first time since he began dating Name, she fell asleep before him. Her chest softly rose up and down. The happenings of today’s shrine visit replayed on his mind repeatedly. He felt that he had done everything so half heartedly. She had made osechi ryori and chose to go with him to the first shrine visit of the year. Something she typically reserved for her family. Maybe she thought he didn’t like the omamori? He recalled the blue and pink charms and her hopeful face. They had known each other for three years and graduation was around the corner. Maybe she thought today was the day to solidify their relationship.She told him she always prayed for him. Daichi tightened his grip around her waist. He had wished for success for himself and the team. How could he be so selfish?The tiredness that had been dragging him down all day finally released him. Not wanting to disturb Name, he laid beside her listening to the happenings of her house. Her mom working in the kitchen, her father on the phone, and the television playing the annual New Year’s program. He could have laid their all day, listening to her breathe and holding her in his arms. She stirred and turned her head to look back at him. She gave him a soft smile and stretched her arms.“You’re still here.”“Of course I am.”“Did you sleep well?”“Yes.”“Good.” She ruffled his hair.“I should probably go home. Your whole family is here.” Daichi sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.“Oh don’t worry, they love you.” She sat up and combed her hair with her fingers. “Besides, it shogatsu3, they won’t bother me because there’s no work allowed today.”She cupped his cheek and pulled his face down to catch his lips in a kiss. He relaxed his tense muscles and pulled her into his lap.She tangled her fingers into his black hair. Her skirt rode up to her mid thigh as she straddled him allowing him to hold her bare thighs.Daichi squeezed her thigh and she opened her mouth. His tongue slid in, wresting with hers. She tugged at his short locks to pull his head back and deepen the kiss. He remembered when they first started getting physical they were both extremely shy. He never knew what to do with his hands so they would always share short kisses here and there. Then after practice one day as he cleaned up, she offered to help. He went to the club room to change and she came up behind him and slapped his ass.He jumped and turned around. Despite being shorter than him, Name grabbed his thigh and pushed him against the locker. The cold metal made him shiver but the look on her face made him heat up.“I just love how your thighs feel, Daichi. Oof, seeing you get ready to receive is so hot.”She had said.“This front view is good too.”He had lost it at that point and picked her up and pinned her against the locker. No one would believe him if he said sweet Name provoked him in such a way. After that, he could never concentrate if she sat behind him while he was playing.Name pulled away to breathe and he kissed down her neck. She mewled and said his name in every breath. Her neck was always her undoing.She pushed him down onto the bed and leaned down to kiss his mouth before trailing down his neck. Her hands snuck beneath his red sweater.“Name!” The couple froze. “When do you want to eat lunch?”“Oh fuck,” name sighed. She got off of Daichi and straightened her clothes. “I’ll come to eat now.”Daichi fixed his hair in the mirror.“Have lunch with us.” She giggled.He joined the (Last name)'s for lunch which included some of the sections that were in his osechi ryori.“Would you like to watch a movie with us?” asked her father.“I think I’m going to go home to spend the rest of the day with my family.” (Name) picked up his bowl. “Thanks.” He smiled.After clearing the table, name walked him to front door. He put on his shoes as she brought him his coat.He slipped it on and felt the omamori in his pocket.“Tell your family I wish them a happy new year and be safe walking home.”“I will. Thank you for the amazing food and osechi ryori.”He leaned forward to catch her lips in a quick kiss.“I’ll see you at school ok?”Name nodded but wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. Unconsciously, he placed his hands on the sides of her waist. They paused between kisses only to resume.“I want you to stay with me.”“Me too, but I have to go.”“I know. I’ll see you in three days.” Name pulled away. “Text me when you get home.”As soon as Daichi heard the door close, he began running towards the shrine. Less people were offering prayers and he approached the first empty bell. He pulled the rope and the metal clanged in his ears. Closing his eyes, he brought his hands together in front of his chest.“Protect (Name) and keep her in my life. Make her successful and her family and only keep goodness in her life.”He could feel the omamori burn his skin through his coat pocket.“Give her all the love in the world.”Daichi returned home and spent the rest of the break texting and calling (Name). After his early morning jog to school, he opened the gym for morning volleyball practice. , Sugawara was there scolding Kageyama and Hinata. He greeted them and the other first years straggled in as he set up the net with sugawara.Typically, the energy lacked this early but the team was whispering and shooting him looks all practice.“What are you all gossiping about?” He yelled across the court as a volleyball bounded across the court. “You missed another receive.”“I’m sorry!!” Hinata yelled back and began bowing. “I’ll focus now!!”“There’s no point now. We have to clean up for class.” Sugawara told them.They took down the net and put away the balls as Name walked into the gym. Daichi was adjusting his tie as she approached him.“Good morning,” she smiled. He slung his backpack over his shoulder. “I thought you were putting yours in your wallet?”“My what?”“Your omamori.”She touched the blue sachet. The matching pink one was tied to her backpack as well.“I thought it would be better out here.”Name looked down at her feet and bit her lip.She mumbled under her breath.“What was that?” She mumbled again.“You’re going to have to speak up—“She grabbed his hands and looked up at him.“I love you, Sawamura Daichi.”Her face reddened as if it was the first time she told him.“I love you too, (Full Name), more than you can imagine.” He leaned down to kiss her.They pulled away and she giggled.“Walk me to class?”He held out his hand.“It would be my pleasure”Their omamoris swayed to and fro with each step.“So that’s who had the other half!” Exclaimed Hinata as the couple passed him.“SHUT UP, they can hear you!” Scolded kageyama.“I’m going to push them so hard in practice today,” said Daichi between gritted teeth.They stopped in front of Name’s classroom’s door.“Should I stop by after school?” She wrapped his tie around her finger. “You know, we never did get to fuck in the club room. Make out, yes, but fuck, no.”The look she gave him from beneath her eyelashes was making his cock twitch. She could be so bold with her words.“Uhh, um,” he blushed. She released his tie.“I’ll take that as a yes.”He could only blink as she walked away., oroshidima bukuro: New Year's money osechi ryori: traditional foods eaten on New yearsshogatsu: New Year
The beginning of Youtuber Kenma by Ansoen-B
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Casual Akaashi by MermMarie
Massive Art Trade Event
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Black Day 2015 Event
Collab: Happy Belated Black Day, Bro! by noxioustrash
Other Haikyuu Schools and Characters
Haikyu!! dream team by Lucy-L7
Seijou Senior Trip by KaijuusandKryptids


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soon the folders will undergo some changes to make it less confusing becuz of how many schools there are and such, and it will be easier for people to know which folder they should put their art in :D
also ive read that u need to watch the 2 episode ova of RIKU VS KUU before tarting season 4
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