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Welcome to haikyuu club.
This group is about the manga and anime by Furudate Haruichi.

if you want to join just click "join group" and you'll be automatically accepted.
This group is about the manga and anime by Furudate Haruichi.

please make sure to follow this few rules:
:bulletorange: Submit to the right folder.
:bulletorange: Be nice to other group members.
:bulletorange: Art that contains original pictures from the anime or manga are not allowed ( such as wallpapers, renders, traces) [ref drawings are okay as long as theres credit & the ref picture]
:bulletorange: gif's & Line-arts & doujinshis are allowed
:bulletorange: Do not submit others art work. only yours (collabs are allowed).
:bulletorange:Shonen ai (BL) and shoujo ai (GL) are allowed as long as they not hardcore.
:bulletred:If you want to advertise something;(haikyuu relaited) please send a note!

Folders Info
Do not submit to the featured folder.
:bulletblue: Karasuno High
:bulletblue: Nekoma High
:bulletblue: Aobajousai High
:bulletblue: Date Tech High
:bulletblue: Fukurodani High
:bulletblue: Other Haikyuu Schools and Characters
:bulletblue: Shiratorizawa High
:bulletblue: Gifs, Fanfics, Sketches, line-arts, Comics
:bulletblue: Cosplay
:bulletblue: Crossovers (haikyuu characters with other manga/ anime characters or different school members together)
:bulletblue: Ocs (for haikyuu ocs only)

Gallery Folders

A tall, tall wall. by Mishapocalittica
BKAKKRKN Totem by nikyuuchan
Sipping tea by nikyuuchan
Royalty AU by TheAlis0n
Karasuno High
Tsukki by Cielleru
Tsukishima Kei by Cielleru
kagehina bbs by vellmoone
splishy splashy by Bricus27
Aobajousai High
Oikawa by Cielleru
Oikawa Tooru by Cielleru
oikawa toto ! by sweetcoffeee
Oikawa Tooru by DearConnorMurphy
Date Tech High
Haikyuu!! Datekou doodlesss by dorizard
GO GO LET'S GO DATEKOU by dorizard
Haikyuu!! Aone + Futakuchi by dorizard
Aone by Hinecko-Rin
Nekoma High
Kenmaaa by Bricus27
Haikyuu - Kozume Kenma by Mika-chan1102
Kenma Kozume by Cielleru
Haikyuu - Chibi Kuroo Tetsurou by Mika-chan1102
Shiratorizawa High
ushijima by drink-sand
Poker Face Ushijima (+SPEEDPAINT) by MissBrutus
Angel and Demon... or Are They? by megumar
STZ compilation by megumar
gifs,Fanfic, Sketches, line-arts, Comics

Mature Content

Haikyuu!! Game Ready by general-kuroru
Kageyama (Haikyu!!) - Sleepy by Snowblind-Cosplay
Kagehina (Haikyuu) - Not let you go by Snowblind-Cosplay
The boss's right hand by AnubisBride
Krtsk - Suits by BlackAngelLucia
Krtsk - Singer AU by BlackAngelLucia
Haikyuu!! / bite by ESSER18
[F] Tsu(k)ki Prism Power! by zero0810
Fukurodani high
HBD Bokuto by Shurple
THEM by Bricus27
bokuto by drink-sand
bokuto by drink-sand
[HQ! OC] Fake screenshot by ddokkee
Miya Atsumu by chanimochi
Massive Art Trade Event
Wake Up Bakageyama (AT) by Panda-Poodle
Black Day 2015 Event
Collab: Happy Belated Black Day, Bro! by noxioustrash
Other Haikyuu Schools and Characters
Seijoh by Cielleru
Seijou Senior Trip by Panda-Poodle


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soon the folders will undergo some changes to make it less confusing becuz of how many schools there are and such, and it will be easier for people to know which folder they should put their art in :D
also ive read that u need to watch the 2 episode ova of RIKU VS KUU before tarting season 4
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how can i join? <3
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Hey hey hey, so I did a mix character thing, not suuure where to submit that.
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hello! i have a haikyuu!! fanfic but it's not a reader insert. it's more like a spin-off, i guess? cause i put the haikyuu!! charas into the harry potter universe. i hope i can put the fanfic(s) in here, and before i could do so, may i ask which folder is suited to put it into? is it the crossover folder?

thank you!
YukiMiharu Featured By Owner May 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry took me so long i have been rarly here sadly.
u can put it into fanfic folder, as long as its a story or a comic (desnt have to be reader insert) it can go to gifs,Fanfic, Sketches, line-arts, Comics (even if its a cross over fanfic)
the cross over folder is for drawing only XD
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Question : does genderbend allowed and which folder to submit if it's allowed?
YukiMiharu Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
yes ofcs! gender bender is allowed and it goes to the crossover folder ^^
Mikilla Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay, thank you!
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