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St Ecclesia's Basilica

By haikuo
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Been messing around with Unreal a bit. Might come back to this and add some proper textures at some point but for now I'll leave it as it is.

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For me looks beautiful, somehaw, retro furutistic but elegant (not streampunk). A really good job!
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messing around? - looks awesome! Very well done
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This is amazing!
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wow so good   Dance [Scrubs] 
i m not art person, but ur pics (this and other also especially dragon hunting) looks good to me
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wait... this isn't a photo? wtf omg
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This is beautiful!
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its beauthifull! awesome job! dude
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Awesome pictures And Thanks for llama.
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Wow ur really good!!! !!!
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Thanks for the llama.  This is ... UNREAL.
Sorry not sorry
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For ur information I think those look realistic At first when I saw it I thought it was a pic! And I bet many other people think that too...
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Dude, Unreal is a modeling engine with amazing graphics.  Hence, the pun.
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Thanks for the Llama you gave me and this giant Church in neoclassic style is enormously amazing:) (Smile) 
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James Franco - Smile [Freaks and Geeks] I agree with you
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Those things on the pillars look a bit unrealistic
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thanks for the llama badge:) (Smile)  
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Holy Magical Shits stains
Really pretty
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