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Roof Tops

By haikuo
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This picture is really neat! Reminds me of Mirror's Edge.
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wow i love this it looks so cool
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This is incredibly beautiful.It feels oddly peaceful and surreal with the colours and lighting used..
Do you ever do any tutorials/timelapses? It would be amazing to see you at work.
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Thanks, that's what I was going for.
My PC's not really up to screen recording, it crashes enough as it is with large city scenes like these. I'll try something small though and see how it goes.
Twilight--Hope's avatar
That's true. Even gifs/screenshots of progress would be interesting to see, but I can definitely understand if it's too much for a computer to handle. I had the same problem whenever I was working in 3D in the past 
Darianblood's avatar
Bare buildings, big nasty critters in the background....makes me think of Mirrors Edge meets Canabalt :)
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I'm getting a 'Mirror's Edge' and 'Dying Light' sort of mood with this. Very nice work!
Ururuty's avatar
Mirrors Edge attack on titans:) cool work
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very cool! Which tenderer where you using?
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Thanks. Blender cycles.
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This looks so much like the city in the new Mirrors Edge.

I love it.
T-MAX-X-H's avatar
I'm speechless...

Awesome work!!!
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What a composition! O-O
MethusulaComics's avatar
nice. I love the blend of light and figures here.
Kitteh19's avatar
My eyes are a bit blurry, is it a Mirrors Edge building? And is there a person? XD I just woke up so I'm kinda fuzzy
haikuo's avatar
Similar aesthetic to Mirrors Edge I guess, love that game :D
Kitteh19's avatar
XD I saw the building and I'm like "Mirrors Edge Screenshot?!"
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This has a good Mirror's Edge feeling, I like it. :)
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