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Digital Sketchbook - handheld laptop build

By haikuo
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A tiny hand-held laptop built around an Skull Canyon NUC with an inbuilt graphics tablet and hand wired programmable mechanical keyboard. Still needs some work but It's finally in a condition that I can take some photos of it and take it out to draw with.

Build log here.

Original concept here.
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Hey bud that's one great looking custom portable, you should drop by our modding group and show it off, I'm sure everyone would love to see it.

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Decent build, looks very nice and stylish. Although transparent keycaps look odd to me.

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I would so buy this ;w;
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Magnificent work - I used to dabble in electronics and lash-ups in the eighties and this was the sort of thing I used to make, albeit with a jack to plug into a conventional television as we did not yet have LCD technology.
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I'd definitely buy something like this! It looks so useful! 
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OMG No way... it's real!
Astonished work!
It's quite work to make a 3D-art look like real thing, but make a real thing which look like a screenshot from PC-game... well, a moment ago I thought it's impossible.
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great work bro as per usual
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very nice!!!:D (Big Grin) 
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You gave me a llama, thank you
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that looks epic
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That is an impressive device you made.
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if i didnt have a cintiq, I would have loved to try to make one of these myself
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its an interesting concept. Do you plan to do a demo of it?  I really like the way it looks.
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Depends how many people want one, I haven't got a tripod or anything so it would probably be one of those awkward one handed videos where the camera spends half the time looking at the floor.
Oh god, I need something like this for my phone. So tired of hunting and pecking with a too-big fingertip on a smooth screen.
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Could have chosen a better OS.
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brilliant. Looks unreal
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wow that's insane i love it!
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