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Combat Suit

By haikuo
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Some sort of robo suit..... might have gone over the top with the lighting effects! :D

Got my self out the house to take some photos of motorbikes for this one. I've never tried just using photographs like this before but I like the result.
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I can't tell if it's 3D or not
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Love it! Reminds me of halo ;)
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I think that's amazing
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wow your good how do you do it, its so cool
ok, this is REALLY awesome. btw, thanks for the llama
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Wait- that's a collage of motorbike parts? Are you fuckin' kidding me that's brilliant!
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Absolutely radical!
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WOW! Awesome Naruto - Rin Nohara Icon 
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really impressive
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Thanks for that "beast", Oasis ! It looks somewhat like me when I've to get up early !!
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love the suit design and the colors, amazing work!
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Cheers, glad you don't think the colours went too far :D
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It was a perfect mix, man. jackpot xD
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When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. :P
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If there is any way I can get a mod from this I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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I would wear the hell out of a costume based on this design. fantastic work mate :D
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Haha, cheers man :D
I love that 3D head design you've goton you're profile, how did you do that?
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