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This is the last time
I am going to ask nicely,

If you don't have a key,
you are not authorized to enter.

If you don't know how,
ask for help.

Clean up your own mess.

Beyond this point
eating and drinking
are not allowed.

Wash your hands.

Close the door or
you WILL BE subject
to disciplinary action.

Do not put your
hand in the jaws
or you
WILL BE terminated.

In summary:

Stand Clear!
Look Out!

Exit here.
My boss is fond of writing little signs everywhere threatening our jobs at every turn. I combined his actual words with a few generic safety ones at the end.

I enjoy adding a heart before his name, so these signs don't last long. I wish he would add, anyone caught defacing my signs will be terminated! That would make my day. :giggle: So Dom, I dedicate this found poem to you! :heart:

This is for
:iconlaurence55: and a Found Poetry Workshop - give it a try! :D
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Very nice! I love the way you have made use of a “different” kind of publication. In that, you have demonstrated how true poetry can arise from any source. This piece, aside from being creative and humorous, also contains subtle allusions to many “old school” life lessons. :D

“Clean up your own mess”

In that way, you have also shown how a good found poem can take on a variety of meanings. This is well written Loretta! :nod: