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Dance Dance Bumblebee

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So's the new Transformer movie is awesome.
Bumblebee is awesome.
This sprite of G1 Bumblebee dancing is awesome.
So I just had to update it for Bumblebee's latest look. 8D

I basically just took the old sprite and pixelled over it. I found it in a sig; I don't know it's origins. : X And of course it was hard to try and fit all the insane detail into this tiny sprite... so it's somewhat simplified. Not to mention that G1 Bee is really boxy and 2007 one is all curvy. @_@

But I love it. <3 Hurr... It's fun to watch it en masse. :B

EDIT: Hey, Lookit this! I'd-a never thunk that I'd find it on dA. xD I guess credit goes to ~nkelsch for makign the original sprite that this is based on.

You are allowed to use this as an avatar or MSN emoticon or whatever, no need to ask. However, you may NOT take credit for it and/or redistribute it for payment.
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