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89. Internet

To his dismay, Tom slowly learned that swords do not fare well against modern weaponry.

Changed it to #89 of the 100 themse bit 'cause I can. :3

Well, modern for them. Does any sort of current-day country have a easily portable flamethrower-scythe that doesn't require an external tank? :0 Ohoho...

Yeah. I HAD to get this out of my system! Really. >~< I call Tom's sword the Infinite Edge, or IE... which, well, is... a web browser! Ahahaha! *snort* *gets shot* Personally, I think IE (the browser) works just fine but certain individuals insist that Firefox is tons better. IMO, it's only marginally better... Just for tabbed browing. ^^;

Tom is the guy with the sword, if you haven't figured it out, and the other character is yet nameless... She uses two of those flamethrower things for short-ranged combat. o.o Chibi weaponry is fun to draw.

Tom and the other character belong to me~.
IE (browser) and Firefox belong to microsoft and Mozilla... I guess.... O_o
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