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VF-19 FX - 1801st ISC

By HaiiroMamoru
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This is a edit of line-art out of the Macross 7 series, to form my own inspired/refined VF-19 unit.

I felt the wings of the F-type did stabilize the fickle control of the swept forward design, though the reintroduction of the forward canards and addition of the leg stabilizers should be a priority for any unit involved in trans-atmospheric operations.

In keeping with the large dorsal nacelles/shoulders of the VF-19 Kai/P, for with the removal of the light & sound systems, replacing them with ECM/ECCM systems (better to cover escorts & other fighter units without active stealth) along with cross-dimensional communication/detection equipment (shown in Macross Zero, Macross 7 & Macross Frontier) increases the individual unit & fight wing survival chances.

Since the frame is based on the F-type, and with eXtensions, now you can understand the model/type code.

For a little cultural note; 'Fragarach' is also the name of a sword out of Irish mythology that, along with other abilities, said to place the wind at the user's command.
I appolgize for the coloring shade differences, first time attempting to do via PaintShop Pro.

<< Technical Data >>
Equipment Type:
advanced variable fighter
Government: U.N. Air Force, U.N. Spacy
Manufacturer: Shinsei Industry
Introduction: 2041
Operational Deployment: 2056
Accommodation: One pilot with EX-Gear.
¤ Battroid Mode:
height 15.48 meters (without beam gun)
¤ Fighter Mode: wingspan 13.52 meters; height 3.94 meters; length 18.47 meters
¤ GERWALK Mode: wingspan 13.53 meters
Mass: empty 8.55 metric tons
Structure: space metal frame, energy converting armor, stealth composition.
Power Plant: two Shinnakasu Industry/P&W/Roice FF-2550J thermonuclear turbine engines
Propulsion: 78,950 [68,500] kg [x g] x 2 (maximum output in outerspace) (774.5 kN x 2); 2 x rear afterburner intakes encircling engine/lower leg nozzles; 2 x two-dimensional independent vectored thrust nozzles for enhanced V/STOL performance and maneuverability; many x P&W HMM-7 high-maneuverability vernier thrusters (featuring encircling vernier slits around engine/lower leg nozzles).
Thrust-to-weight ratio: (empty) 18.47
¤ Fighter Mode:
cruise speed at 10,000 m Mach 5.1+; max cruise speed at 30,000+ m Mach 25+ [(8.5+ km/s)]; max rate of climb at S/L 68,000 meters/minute.
g limit: +35.5/- 19.5
Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; forward-swept delta-wing combination main wing; canard forward wing; vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) in GERWALK mode; supersonic cruise and maneuvering in region of Mach 5.0+ below the stratosphere; two-dimensional thrust vectoring (independent pivot); capable of attaining unassisted orbital velocity over an Earth-class planet; wrap-around imaging monitor system in cockpit (all modes); anti-projectile (bulletproof) shield; internal weapons bays with medium-range high maneuverability missiles (engine/leg sections); fighter-scale pin-point barrier system (allows for armor simplification and light weight); active stealth system; ECM/ECCM systems (mounted in port dorsal nacelle/shoulder); cross-dimensional detection & communication systems (mounted in starboard dorsal nacelle/shoulder); 3 x special equipment hard point stations for optional 2 x space/atmospheric conformal propellant tanks and optional 1 x space/atmospheric fighter fold booster; strengthened communications and armaments.
- Armament -

2 x fixed internal laser cannons (mounted in both leading wing roots with exit ports)
1 x small-bore rear anti-aircraft beam gun (mounted center dorsal section in Fighter/GERWALK mode, becomes head turret in Battroid mode)
1 x Howard GU-15 new standard external gatling gun pod (mounted ventral fuselage in Fighter mode or in manipulator in GERWALK/Battroid modes).
1 x fixed fighter-carried pin-point barrier system
1 x standard bulletproof (anti-projectile) shield (mounted center rear dorsal fuselage in Fighter mode, mounted on arm in GERWALK/Battroid modes)
Bombs & Missiles:
2 x internal high maneuverability micro-missile launchers (mounted ventral side fuselage in Fighter mode, lower legs in GERWALK/Battroid modes).
Optional Armament:
2 x space/atmospheric Boosters and Super Part weapon units with micro-missiles (mounted dorsal engine nacelles in Fighter mode; side shoulders in GERWALK/Battroid modes)

<< Description and History >>
With Shinsei’s development of the EG-01M/MP EX-Gear as a multipurpose reinforced suit (or Power Suit) designed as an enhanced VF cockpit interface and for improving pilot survivability was revolutionary. With the favorable information feedback from “Project; Fire” of the 37th long-distance fleet (Macross 7) & of the VF-19EF 'Caliburn' from their satellite branch within the Frontier Fleet (Macross R: The Ride), the executive planning commission put into development of the FX-type. “Codename: Fragarach” was to be promoted for the emerging Independent Special Command (ISC) squadrons (that would later become the Strategic Military Service, or SMS, fleets).

The 1801st ISC ‘SpaceBats’ started as a “dumping ground” are some of the “rogue, renegade & undisciplined pilot assets” of the U.N. Sapcey & Air Force assigned to resource exploration fleet in Sol System’s Kuiper Belt. While doing the ‘shake-down’ flight of the units, a rouge Zentradi scout group was detected and the SpaceBats were ordered to intercept. The four units that were on duty did not only survive unscathed, the main scouts were captured with only one ‘enemy’ escort units lost to hostel action.

With this exploit, the 1801st was reassigned to the outbound 270th research fleet as an escort and force reconnaissance squadron. 

Side Note: The 1801st ISC “SpaceBats” is my Macross Salute to the 801st TTS ‘AirBats’ franchise
EDIT 28.05.2013: Noticed that the thrust-to-weight was off due to original cut&paste of information, corrected
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I like the colors very much. And "spacebats" is a fun squad name.
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