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There's an interesting proposal at Stack Exchange for a World Building site.…

It's at the "Definition" stage where they determine if the proposal represents a useful addition to the site which can generate a range of interesting and high quality questions with enough users interested in it to make it worthwhile.  So it needs people to follow the proposal, submit example questions, and to vote on other people's questions.

If you aren't familiar with Stack Exchange already, it's an amazing resource for just about any topic imaginable.  I get a lot out of Stack Overflow (Software Development), English Language and Usage, Mathematics, and GIS.
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I probably should have posted this sooner.  It's been kind of silly having my last journal entry cheering the Canucks on after they'd been eliminated.  The Sens have been knocked out too which leaves, uh, maybe Nashville?  That's just wrong but all the others are even more wrong to me in other ways.  There's the IIHF World Championship I suppose.
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That is all.
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Bad things happen to my car far too often.

Today it was stolen.  I found it sitting on the side of the Trans Canada with the ignition broken and the stereo ripped out.

My Dad managed to get it to start again, but they also seem to have killed the transmission as they probably didn't know how to drive a stick shift.  What makes it even worse is that I had gotten the transmission replaced only a few months ago.

There's also a "burnt circuit board" smell so there are probably electrical problems too.
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My Garmin GPSmap 76CSx, GURPS Space, and GURPS Martial Arts arrived today.

On the down side, the transmission in my car is dieing. Though my Dad has tracked down a replacement and managed to talk them down 100 CAD on the price.  With labour it'll probably come to about 700-800 CAD which is a lot better than I thought it would be.

Only two shifts left at work. Then two weeks to play with my new toy, get some LQs and level Tarnal up on RetroMUD, and generally kick back before classes start.
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I got an acceptance letter from VIU (formerly Malaspina UC).  I'm in the 'Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems' program starting this September.

In short. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES!
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