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Wolfhound and Hydra by Hai-Etlik Wolfhound and Hydra by Hai-Etlik
Playing with blender, these are a Hydra Class CLAC and a Wolfhound class Destroyer of the Royal Manticoran Navy from the Honorverse novels.
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SkyPotatoFire Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019
Very interesting design.  How good are the books?
Hai-Etlik Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019
Lots of detail in the word building and fairly internally self consistent with a strong theme of warfare driving technological development.  Space combat is covered in some detail and is reasonably realistic given the scifi super technology available (Reactionless drives, etc).  The story starts out being sort of the Napoleonic Wars (Particularly the Horatio Hornblower novels) in space with the Star Kingdom of Manticore being the Space British and the People's Republic of Haven being the Communist Space French.  There are also the Chinese Space Prussians (The Andermani Empire) the Luddite Mormon Space Japanese from Idaho (The Protectorate of Grayson) and their offshoot the Luddite Space Pirate Taliban (Masada), Space Slavers for the Space British to fight (Mesa), Polish space Somalia (The Silesian Confederacy) which has more space pirates, Space Venice that started out as the Space Mafia before going mostly legit (The Republic of Erewhon), the empire that's about to fall (The Solarian League), eventually we also get a Space Haiti that doesn't get completely screwed over at every opportunity (Kingdom of Torch).  Things eventually deviate rather strongly from the Napoleonic Wars model with some strong parallels to other history particularly for the technological changes in warfare during the world wars and the lead up to them, and various instances of empires expanding or collapsing.

The world building does rely on a bit of contrivance to keep things relatively approachable from a modern day perspective.  There's relatively little automation or transhumanism considering it takes place over 2000 years in the future.  It's not completely missing but people pretty much are the same as they are now.  This is necessary to tell the stories David Weber wants to tell and is even an outright plot in and of itself.  (Essentially it uses the same excuse as Star Trek, there was a war involving genetically engineered superhuman and now anything but the most basic transhumanism is extremely taboo).  There's no volitional AI and the computers are in some ways dumber than today.  Human genetic engineering is confined to therapeutic use and life extension although some engineered lines still exist from before the taboo and bad guys use it for the slave trade, but even then it's fairly limited.  Cybernetics are also limited and fairly rare (Basically they are stuck in the Uncanny Valley and only those who don't mind or have no alternative use them).  There's no large scale space habitation despite their technology making it REALLY easy to do so (Nanotech supermaterials, cheap clean fusion power, and gravity manipulation including reactionless drives, tractor beams, particle shields, and artificial gravity)

The potential weak points are the infodumps, particularly conversations between two characters starting with "As you know" followed by pages (or even entire chapters) where some detail of the world is explained.  This is actually one of the things I usually enjoy but it is not for everyone.  The other is that to me, David Weber doesn't realize his characters very well compared to other authors.  In particular they all speak with the same voice, using the same expressions, and speech patterns and seeming to think the same way behind it.  Characters who do think differently tend to be cardboard thin strawmen villains, or otherwise standard David Weber characters with a villainous override.  This mostly gets better as the books progress although it's still not his strong suit.

So if you want giant space battles with lots of interesting technology and world building, and don't mind some lacklustre but generally serviceable dialogue, they are well worth a look:…
SkyPotatoFire Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019
Thanks for the analysis. What do you use to create the spaceships?
Hai-Etlik Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2019
GeoGebra, Ruby, Inkscape, and Blender.
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