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Portolan Chart Lines



I created a little program to generate the components for a Portolan Chart for this map: [link]

I will post the program, but for now, here's an SVG output for a complete set of lines for 16 points, with a compass rose at each one, and a circumcircle. Just delete the bits you don't need.

The compasses are all clones of a template stored in the defs header. If they don't copy properly between files, try breaking the link (Details will vary with your vector editor)

If you don't have a vector editor, Inkscape is available for free. You can use it to remove the unneeded bits and render it to a raster image at whatever size you need.

Please attribute as:

Portolan Chart Lines, Copyright 2010, Kevin Michael Smith. Used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0

Including that in the description on dA is sufficient.
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