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A Very Yellow Friday

By Hahli1994
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Bello! :iconminionsplz:
So Black Friday wasn't too long ago. It made me think what if a super market had a black friday sale on bananas... and thus this drawing was born. 
Perhaps it was a bad idea to try and draw and color and shade every tiny minion in the background... but I did it all in one sitting... :iconpassoutplz: Unfortunately, I did not have a functioning tablet so I had to color everything by mouse, so that took a while. 
Regardless, it was a lot of fun. If you look closely into the crowd of minions you can see several things: one minion is getting ridiculed by a maid minion because he shot a fart gun at another minion; a conga line of minions pushing a purple minion in a cart; a minion getting tackled to the ground by a bunch of other minions because he took an armful of bananas; your two classic minions having a slapfight, and two minions on a boat rowing over to the on-sale bananas. 
Loved both the movies, (as you can see I've included as many easter eggs as possible: cookie robots on sale, Fluffy unicorn sale, Vector promoting shark equality, Gru and Lucy's Jams, Mr. Perkins ending up with a store clerk job, etc)
Originally I had my signature on here, but after re-looking the rules I took it off just in case, but I have the original and the original line art for proof, so don't think you can steal this art!
Wish me luck!

Please comment! :iconilovecommentsplz:

PS, If you're looking for contests to join I'm running one now with winnings of over 1000 points, there hasn't been many entrees, but I'd love to get more participants, :iconbowplz: thankyou kindly
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And that’s fine
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there's the evil minion like THEY ARE MINE BANANA!!!!:angry: :angry: :angry: 
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I laughed so hard at the purple one. :XD:
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I always wonder what happend to the shrink ray?
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not sure, maybe the government bought it for top secret missions. 
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LOL, really nice drawing! This should of won.
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I was actually very surprised at the entrees they had chosen. Although i was glad they picked the construction paper art as one of the winners, the other two, I was actually kind of surprised
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Yeah, same here.
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I really like this one! Best of luck! :w00t:
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Thankyuu Thankyuu ^3^
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Holy crap. You're gonna win.
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I don't know, I've seen some of the recent entrees and they're pretty competitive. Thank you so much for the comment though <(^3^)> ~ :iconheartzplz:
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Yeah, there's been quite a few cool entries, but I think you've still got a shot at it! And you're welcome. :aww:
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This is amazing! 
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I really want to see this one be on of the top three, because I can tell you actually put a lot of hard work into all the little details considering how small and weird the dimensions are. Good luck friend! All these are coming out terrific. 
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Aw <3 thankyuu :3
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this is really good gonna have to step up my game to win this contest sigh XD
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haha ^^ quick quick, there's only a couple days left
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This is so amazing! :) I love how the human characters a subtly placed  in it :) good job 10X over!!! 
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