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Some of the Jurassic period dinosaurs and plants

Some of the Jurassic period dinosaurs and plants
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gorgeous, but what specie is the raptor in the tree

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the feathered allosaurus are awesome, and very original

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Why don't the Sauropods have feathers? I know Haghani is all about the feathers.
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Why Allosaurus have feathers and Where is Ornitholestes :c! but i see Allosaurus 2 Apatosaurs 2 Dryosaurs and Archaeopteryx, Cycad,s Araucaria, Fern,s C:
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Orny's on the top left, in the tree.
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Oh.....Yeah bec Archaeopteryx lived in Late Jurassic Europe
Love the Allosaurus!
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There's no evidence for a feathered Allosaurus but everything's still awesome. Great work.
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No direct evidence, no, but phylogenetic bracketing makes it plausible speculation.
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsum work mohamad!!!
been trying to reach you on skype~
aloha from kauaii~KENNEY
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What raptor species is it?
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It isn't a raptor, it is a feathered Allosaurus
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The theropod on the tree, or is it Ornitholestes?
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Wonderful! The flora is excellent too. May I ask what the sauropods and the smaller dinosaurs (both in the tree and on the ground) are?
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Thanks.  They are Allosaurus, Diplodocus, Fruitadens and a Raptor on the branch that hunting the Fruitadens child.
and plants: Tree ferns, Conifers, Ferns, Benettitalean cycad, Normal conifers and tall conifer
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I think the sauropods had some quills on their tail how the elephant has hair on it's tail
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I like how you have done the feathers of the predatory dinosaur. Who is it?
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Thanks Alexander... It's an Allosaurus
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I simply love how fuzzy your theropods are. :) Beautiful piece!
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