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So while updating my website this morning, I ran across this site reviewing my series.  An excerpt:  

"So far we have an annoying author self-insert as the protagonist who at times will be revealed to have random super powers which benefit him depending on what situation he's in, the self-insert's friends who usually do nothing significant, a generic 90's cartoon bully and his right hand man who team up with the protagonist and his crew after some mysterious villain appears out of nowhere to attack everyone, moronic henchman who work for the bully and his attack dog, and tons of characters that are introduced and do nothing...It's painfully obvious that Tony, the bully in this comic, is supposed to be a carbon copy of Montana Max from Tiny Toons, from both the design and the personality."  --Crazy Bus

Actually, Tony Moneran was modeled after this kid who used to pick on me growing up... psst, in the nineties, Slick, so of course he looks like a 90's cartoon bully, you moron.  Moneran was basically a living cartoon caricature.  He was this punk who usually hung around on Main Street, chain-smoking Marlboros (the cigarette of choice for the discriminating d-bag), often going shirtless to show off those cheap green ink tattoos up and down his arm, and constantly harassing passersby, usu. with his retinue made up of fellow d-bags.  Monty's real name was Weyer, or Meyer, or some dang-fool thing, I've long forgotten. As with many people I know, he became incorporated into the comic, serving as the foil and periodic rival to my star.  I often wonder what happened to good ol' Monty. Likely he was dumb enough to try his crap with someone who was a lot less easygoing as I was and got the hell beaten out of him for his trouble. 

The rest looks to be the typical liberal pinhead fare--mockery, insults, quotes of mine taken completely out of context, a few random pages posted to make it look like they've actually read the comic and know what they're talking about (which they don't), f-bombs thrown about casually like a verbal tic, and the obligatory and inevitable comparisons to Sonichu.

They really don't get it.  The two couldn't be any more different. Sonichu is of, for, and about Christian Weston Chandler.  The Belch Dimension is about helping people. Starting out, I never had anyone in my corner to show me the ropes. I made mistakes. For them, I was punished. I'm talking horrible, life-rending punishments, many bordering on abuse. That's why I have devoted my life to guiding the new generation of young men past the pitfalls and the gibbering intricacy of rules that is college life.  I want to be the one to help get them around these stupid rules, to help them learn every angle, to find the back doors into The System.  I mean, there has to be some reason I had these rules browbeaten and drilled into my head, right? Learn from my experiences, then go forth and teach others? 

Of course the left will never admit they taught you wrong.  They'll insist you learned wrong.  You misunderstood.  You're stupid.  Because it's always the victim's fault. Liberals are perfect and infallible and always have your best interests in mind.

This is a bully mentality, and I wish to discuss this more in my next art blog. Adios for now.
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July 2, 2014


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