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There is now a new section in my gallery called the chibi experience. I thought I'd put some random chibiness in there related to the Heart of Wildfire characters. :)

You can visit the Heart of Wildfire deviant page here :iconheart-of-wildfire:
I was cleaning my computer a bit and I found some old drawings. I decided I'd post three of them because ... Just because I thought they were fun. lol Such good memories. x)
After many moments of asking, crying and begging from Sahn, I finally found the time to update some of my gallery with H.O.W. elements, saying that it's best if the drawings are on the author's gallery ( *evil laugh* THE GLORY'S ALL MINE!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

- :iconfallenangelgm:: Hey Hagane, whatcha doing? Are you writing a journal entry? No way!!:D

- :iconhaganenochibisan::Uh Oh...!

- :iconfallenangelgm:: Let me see... HEY! I NEVER BEGGED AND CRIED!!

- :iconhaganenochibisan:: Gotta go! See ya next time guys! Started running

- :iconfallenangelgm:: COME BACK HERE! Running after Hagane