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Just trying to figure out Blender's radiosity lighting. It's pretty powerfull if you know what your doing. But it takes a while to calculate on my computer. There are some artifacts in the shadows yet, but I'm going to play around with it some more.

Note: I didn't make the monkey.
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You´re like my new hero man. Do you have a blog to tell us more about this image? How did you exquisitely generated it from blender?
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:lol: glad you like it.
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The lighting's fantastic... it seriously looks real. :) Great job.
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Looks like it's time to get YafRay, dude :D [link]

Global Illumination is teh rawk. Blender for the win.
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I have yafray. I just havnt figured out how to get that colour bleeding stuff to work.
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Well myself, I learned from just playing around with the settings. Color bleeding with YafRay involves selecting the 'Full' method in the GI tab, and enabling photons. YafRay automatically integrates arealights into GI calculations, so caustics and stuff can come from them. See this piece here: [link] (not whoring, just for example). Getting a nice balance between the emit power and the GI power is a key to getting good light bleeding. Lots of experimental renders went into making that piece, and figuring out the GI in general.

Any questions, feel free to ask :)
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I'll try that.
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good to see some blender users here :)

the monkey is standard, but I like it though
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Yes, me too. My fav primitive.
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I really want these 3d programs you use, they all look so good, isnt thier anyway you can send me install files? i want to make beauftiful things liek you.
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Ha ha! Go to

On the front page they have a link to the newest version. Its free, so knock yourself out.
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This is so hard. o_o
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Yeah, it can be hard to figure out.
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Cool. Radiosity makes renders look a lot more realistic. :)

I just need to figure out how to use it.
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