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Debian Ubuntu Monochrome Glow

By hadret
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8 minimalistic 1680x1050 wallpapers for Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux distributions (4 walls for each distro). Credits go to art-styles who created and permitted to use his wonderful work. Go to his profile and give him some love!. Stock:

- Velvet Noise Background by art-styles
- Debian logo
- Ubuntu logo

Two colors are provided -- navy and black. All of them look pretty nice with Elementary Gtk theme and Elementary Icons by DanRabbit. You can check out some action shots here (Debian Glow Navy), here (Debian Monochrome Black) and here (Debian Monochrome Navy).

Other resolutions and Linux distributions are not expected. However, there's source file (*.xcf.gz) which can be found here: [link] Remember to credit art-styles for his wondeful work!

Critique and/or feedback is kindly welcome. Enjoy! :dance:


If you are looking for Arch Linux version, check out this [link] -- go to OnTheMove profile and give him some love for his work! (:


+ New distribution included: CrunchBang Linux;
+ New colors: green, blue and purple. You can see green and purple in action here and here.
+ New source file (*xfc.gz) now including new colors and new distro: ~12 MB;
+ New statistics: 30 minimalistic 1680x1050 wallpapers for CrunchBang, Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux (10 wallpapers for each);

Because of the heavy weight I've prepared packages with separated wallpapers for specific distributions. Here are links:

+ CrunchBang (~11 MB);
+ Debian (~10 MB);
+ Ubuntu (~13 MB);

If you want all distros in all color flavors and logo variations, click download (~32 MB).
© 2010 - 2020 hadret
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theRealPadsterHobbyist Interface Designer
I love it :)
Could you do an Arch one?
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I believe that someone already did: [link]
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theRealPadsterHobbyist Interface Designer
Oh, cool, thanks.
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Broken ZIP archives
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Nice work!
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Nice looking. Sweet Work
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hi! great work! any tips to make (my own) an openSUSE version?
slapmefive's avatar
could you share the dark ubuntu icon please?
thank you, looks great!
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It's in the source *xcf file, which you can find in description (:
slapmefive's avatar
haha...thanks hadret :)
Muy-Bien's avatar
Very simple !! Perfect for work !
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Cope57Hobbyist Digital Artist
The good, the bad, and the ugly?

I am just kidding, I followed your link from the Debian forum, and decided to check out your graphics on deviantART.

Nice gallery, have a Llama, on the rocks.
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theRealPadsterHobbyist Interface Designer
love 'em.
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Thanks! (:
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My new debian wall ! Thanks !
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great work. using it now.
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Greay wallpaper!!!!
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Thank you, also for the :+fav: (:
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clean clear elegant
Thanks a lot for this great stuff!
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Amazing, please make one but the logo of Fedora.
hadret's avatar
Read description please [:
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Chances to see others colors?
hadret's avatar
Yes, I will release them soon (:
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