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Debian - 20081030

GTK: Alun Dark;
Metacity: Alun Dark;
GNOME Icons: Meliae & hydroxygen;
AWN Icons: "ecqlipse 2" PNG;
Wall: Debian Grass 2;
Apps: AWN, Conky, GNOME-MPlayer, Iceweasel, Nautilus;
Tray: Deskbar-Applet & Rhythmbox;

Download for full view - 1680x3150 ~8,5 MB
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© 2008 - 2021 hadret
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Excelent for debian ...
Elegancki pulpit! Jak ustawiłeś Gmail w prawym rogu dolnego panelu?
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Embelleciste a Debian :F :F :F, Debian de por si tiene un aspecto bien feo ^^ A favoritos, como dije recien, embelleciste a Debian :F :F
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how to install AWN Icons: "ecqlipse 2" PNG;
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You need to change each icon by hand.
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I have a question:
How do you hide that arrow beside Deskbar-applet?

Oh, and nice tune ^^
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Oh, I honestly don't remember. I think it was matter of changing default icon, at least at that time (:
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I always change the default icon 'cuz it sucks, but the arrow still remain there.
Thank you for the inspirational desktop, i like it alot!

I have two question though: How do you change the system tray icons? do you know if it's possible to change the icons of all your applications that end up in the system tray?

wow awesome !

I would like to do the same thing you did with conky =D

Is conky over the taskbar ? If so, how did you do to have this type of transparency [with a black shade] ?

Or did you configure conky too look's like a taskbar ?
Same question, how did you do for the transparency with the black shade over the wallpaper ?

I set own_window_transparent but I don't know how to set a transparency colour..
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Well, it's only transparent conky and transparent AWN. The shadow is made on... wallpaper using GIMP (:
ho nice trick ! ty
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sure no prob bro! it's nice shot, btw...:D
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cool your desktop!
how you can put your logo on the main menu debian?
ah! and what is its configração of conky?
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I did it by making "icon set" replacing all the possible logo files (for example: start-here.png, gnome-main-menu.png etc.). Than in file index.theme i just put this line: Inherits=gnome-brave (it's just an example, you can put any other icon theme you like in place of gnome-brave). That's all (:
About conky, look up (:
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Very nice desktop ;D. Linux rocks !
What's your conky config please ?
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Haven't got it by now, but it was based on this one: [link]
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Very nice shot! Where I can get Debian icon from left corner the menu bar?
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It's from tango-generator (:
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Fajnie wygląda ;). Moge wiedzieć, jak zrobiłeś ten pół;przezroczysty pasek na dole ekranu?
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Ten pasek to cień na tapecie + 2xConky + AWN (:
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