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We are the Crystal Gems! (Smiling) by HADOUUUKEN We are the Crystal Gems! (Smiling) :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 3 0 We are the Crystal Gems! by HADOUUUKEN We are the Crystal Gems! :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 7 0 Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! by HADOUUUKEN Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 4 0 Marvel Legacy by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 6 3 Marvel Legacy 4th set by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy 4th set :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 4 1 I'm Stronger Than You by HADOUUUKEN I'm Stronger Than You :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 4 0 Akuma: Shun Goku Satsu by HADOUUUKEN Akuma: Shun Goku Satsu :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 3 0 Marvel Legacy 3rd Set by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy 3rd Set :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 5 0 Kylo Ren by HADOUUUKEN Kylo Ren :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 3 0 Marvel Legacy 2nd Set by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy 2nd Set :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 6 0 Marvel Legacy 1st Set by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy 1st Set :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 9 3 Marvel Legacy: Wolverine (James Howlett) by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy: Wolverine (James Howlett) :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 1 0 Marvel Legacy: Carol Danvers by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy: Carol Danvers :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 0 0 Marvel Legacy: Iron Man by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy: Iron Man :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 2 0 Marvel Legacy: Peter Quill, Star Lord by HADOUUUKEN Marvel Legacy: Peter Quill, Star Lord :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 1 0 Mobile Suit Gundam IBO: Mikazuki Augus by HADOUUUKEN Mobile Suit Gundam IBO: Mikazuki Augus :iconhadouuuken:HADOUUUKEN 3 0


Sea train by snatti89 Sea train :iconsnatti89:snatti89 2,081 38 Flooded world by snatti89 Flooded world :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,513 33 Stars by snatti89 Stars :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,588 25 cyberpunk by snatti89 cyberpunk :iconsnatti89:snatti89 2,064 33 Camouflage by snatti89 Camouflage :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,374 66 Whale migration by snatti89 Whale migration :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,809 49 Samus Vs Ridley by msynowicz Samus Vs Ridley :iconmsynowicz:msynowicz 196 9 Tallgeese by ChasingArtwork Tallgeese :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 746 24 Final Space by ChasingArtwork Final Space :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 540 34 Epyon by ChasingArtwork Epyon :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 2,208 70 FBA - Bael by orihalchon FBA - Bael :iconorihalchon:orihalchon 138 8 Garnet by michaelfirman Garnet :iconmichaelfirman:michaelfirman 219 1 Blanka by michaelfirman Blanka :iconmichaelfirman:michaelfirman 160 4 Thanos! by frogbillgo Thanos! :iconfrogbillgo:frogbillgo 875 56 LOST IN SPACE by ButtholeFromMars19 LOST IN SPACE :iconbuttholefrommars19:ButtholeFromMars19 282 17 Greetings Starfighter by ChasingArtwork Greetings Starfighter :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 801 41



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Just an ordinary college student who knows how to mess with MS Paint :D


We are the Crystal Gems!
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven!

They always save the day, and if you think they can't, they'll always find a way! I love these guys, their rich backstory and unique story arcs, Steven Universe is one of my favorite cartoon series, and more people should watch this gem (crystal gem :D ). I reworked garnet so that all gems would be in the same scale, I hope you guys liked it :D

Keep in touch for more pixelated madness!

The Crystal Gems and the series Steven Universe are owned by Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network.
The asthmatic old man who sounds like Mufasa. Darth Vader is undoubtedly one, if not the most awesome looking Star Wars (Canon :( ) character to date. Everything about him is iconic, from his suit, his voice, even his breathing's so iconic if you hear the kuhhhh kahhhh sound you know it's him. It's a great redeeming factor for a former Jedi knight who lost because he didn't have the high ground.

I do hope I bring justice to this pop culture icon :D

Hope you like my work, keep in touch for more pixelated characters! :) (Smile)

The character of Darth Vader is owned by Disney
Marvel Legacy
It's done! A late Christmas gift from me to all of you! Even though this roster barely scratches the entirety of the Marvel Universe, it's still something! :D I added more characters from the existing sets that I've released, and they are:

1. Classic Adam Warlock / Modern Adam Warlock
2. Agent Venom / Agent Anti-Venom
3. Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
4. Classic Nova (Richard Rider) / Marvel Legacy Nova (Richard Rider)
5. Classic War Machine / Civil War II War Machine
6. Classic Apocalypse / Marvel Legacy Genesis
7. Classic Kang the Conqueror / Mister Gryphon
8. Classic Baron Zemo / Modern Baron Zemo

I still plan on doing more Marvel-related art, but I might focus on other subjects, we'll see :)

I hope you all enjoy my work, keep in touch for more pixelated art!

All of the characters in the illustration are owned by Marvel Comics
Marvel Legacy 4th set
4th set's out! Hope you enjoy my work, the heroes in the picture are as follows:

1. Classic Iron Fist / All New, All Different Iron Fist
2. Classic Black Bolt / Marvel Legacy Black Bolt
3. Classic Dormammu / Modern Dormammu
4. Classic Storm / All New, All Different Storm
5. Classic Hawkeye (Clint Barton) / 
All New, All Different Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
6. Classic Juggernaut / Marvel Legacy Juggernaut
7. Classic Black Widow / All New, All Different Black Widow
8. Classic Power Man / All New, All Different Luke Cage

Which Marvel characters should I draw next for my Marvel Legacy project? Tell me in the comments!

Stay tuned for more Marvel madness!

All characters mentioned and that are in the image are owned by Marvel Comics.


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Sorry, I can't really explain how I do it, maybe years of messing with 8-bit art brought my work to how it looks like today, but all the advice I can give you is that don't compare your art style to others, because your art is yours, and you should be proud of it. Thank you very much for the compliment, it warms my heart to know that people, specially you, appreciate my work
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