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Cryptocurrency Tracker 2.0

By hadoken70
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UPDATED 4/2/18: Version 2.0 is ALL NEW.  

This widget is now a modular platform.  I've disabled the portfolio functionality in this build, but may add it back at a later date.

*NOTE: You can keep running version v1 in parallel to v2 if you want to retain the portfolio; it should not be affected by this update.*

1) Pick and choose any / all of the top 10 coins / tokens to monitor.  They are independent widgets so you can load and position them in any order.  As a bonus, I've also added in widgets for some of my favorite crypto projects that fell outside the top 10.  
2) Set your preferred fiat currency in the Currency.inc file.  Choose USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, or JPY.  'Refresh All' twice to update. Done!  

P.S. I can add other coins / tokens to the next update if there is sufficient demand.  If you want something added that's outside the top 25, message me directly.

If you find this widget useful, donations are welcome and appreciated!  
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AgomyHobbyist Digital Artist


It seems that the API you were using is offline now.

Any chance you can update the skin?

Currently there are no correct values and this message comes up:

{"statusCode": 410,"error": "Gone","message": "WARNING: This API is now offline. Please switch to the new CoinMarketCap API. (https://pro.coinmarketcap.com/migrate/)"}

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how can i used this for binance exchange and how can i add new coin for expamle one/usdt
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I like it!
However, is it too difficult to add like a wallet worth estimation? I mean, to see in the widget how much is your wallet currently worth by multiplying the coins you have with the current value of the coin. Maybe replacing Bitcoin or Ethereum pairs.

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My fix for XRP is to change line #67 in XRP.ini from

FinishAction=[!WriteKeyValue Variables SYMName "[measureGetSYMName]" "#@##SYM#.inc"]


FinishAction=[!WriteKeyValue Variables SYMName "Ripple" "#@##SYM#.inc"]

I think that the problem is caused because cryptocompare.com has listed the coin as XRP in their API while coinmarketcap.com as Ripple.
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The price for XRP is not working, stuck to $4 despite refreshing the skin numerous times!
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XRP is not working if fiat is set to EUR. Could you fix this in the next release?
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XRP is not OK in EUR (it bug) and I have no logo for any cryptocurrency...

Thx a lot !
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tip my hat to you bro.  by far the best crypto tracker ive come across for rainmeter!

please excuse my ignorance with rainmeter but how do i scale your widgets?
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DickZuckerProfessional Digital Artist
Really really nice simple skin you have here. I really enjoy seeing it being live fed onto my desktop. Also I wouldn't suggest hiding comments, makes you seem a bit off. But yeah love the idea and execution here!
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I've hidden previous comments.  They were all related to version 1 bugs / feature requests, which have (hopefully) all been addressed in the new version.  Thanks to everyone that provided feedback to help make version 2 possible!
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