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Fan Fic:

"The Searching of a new Athena"

After the Dead of Saory and that the knigths that protected her was now too old to defend another stupid goddes like she was((Sorry I hate Saory)),Zeus and the rest of the gods had start to look for another girl to replace the last Athena several of the gods had landed to earth in the search of it, they first start to look in Europe but at the deception of not finding some intresting to replace Athena, they start to get spliated to another contrys and to another continets as well.

All gods were searching, Zeus disguise as an old man, to his surprise he was in America, but this time he was surprise by all the decadation of the world, thats why they had a urge to search the new goddess,thats why they need to find it now, he was walking in the streets of Mexico thinking on all this when he sudenly cruch with a girl that was hearing music her ipod get fly up in the sky as she fall to the ground, gets up and help Zeus to help up.

The girl: "Hey are you ok Old man??".
Zeus looks up at her and see a red hair girl with big eyes and something hanging from her headphones cables hanging from the ears and smiles. "Yes im fine and sorry i didnt see you miss.........!!oh i ruin your music box!!.....sorry......"
The girl:"Music Box????.......Oh My Ipod.....Yes but its not that important." Gives him a hand and help him up. "Ill buy other dont worrie".......
((To be continue))
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wolish ^^
y ahora esto? o.o
ademas... no nos dejes asi xD
kiero saber que mas pasa XDD

saludos ^^
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YEAHHH!! hey esta con madre... que sigue? que sigue?