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Hamlet Book Cover Design by Hades-0413 Hamlet Book Cover Design :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 1 0 Draw This Again Meme by Hades-0413 Draw This Again Meme :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 7 0 Portrait Photostudy Low Res by Hades-0413 Portrait Photostudy Low Res :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 19 6 Preview! by Hades-0413 Preview! :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 2 3 Photostudy by Hades-0413 Photostudy :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 14 5 Tattoo by Hades-0413 Tattoo :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 7 1 sketches by Hades-0413 sketches :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 3 2 Red Raincoat by Hades-0413 Red Raincoat :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 10 7 Aurum by Hades-0413 Aurum :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 26 4 portfolio piece by Hades-0413 portfolio piece :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 7 7 Untitled by Hades-0413 Untitled :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 14 7 Fiery by Hades-0413 Fiery :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 8 2 practice by Hades-0413 practice :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 18 7 Untitled by Hades-0413 Untitled :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 41 7 Request: Naily by Hades-0413 Request: Naily :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 5 2 Project by Hades-0413 Project :iconhades-0413:Hades-0413 6 0


Little Zootopians, Big Dreams by RoyalNoir Little Zootopians, Big Dreams :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 9,714 338 Be more social ! by kawacy Be more social ! :iconkawacy:kawacy 6,679 475 Jack Sparrow Crossplay by Alyson Tabbitha by AlysonTabbitha Jack Sparrow Crossplay by Alyson Tabbitha :iconalysontabbitha:AlysonTabbitha 259 14 Edward Scissorhands Crossplay by AlysonTabbitha Edward Scissorhands Crossplay :iconalysontabbitha:AlysonTabbitha 330 31 Edward Scissorhands Cosplays by AlysonTabbitha Edward Scissorhands Cosplays :iconalysontabbitha:AlysonTabbitha 582 32 Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplays  ~Both by me by AlysonTabbitha Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplays ~Both by me :iconalysontabbitha:AlysonTabbitha 374 24
$5 is hardly anything for a commission, heres why
Edit: Okay, wow--If I knew this journal would get the attention that it's getting I would have tried to make it sound a bit more professional and a bit less ranty im almost a little embarrassed
I'm also really glad that so many of you could share your input and experiences. It's really important that we understand this--especially on a site with so many young, impressionable artists. It's easy for us to think that our time is only worth the end product. When i first joined this site (i was 13), the first type of commission that I took was a full picture for only 5 points. Granted--it didn't look the best. i was only 13 after all, but at the time I didn't even know the value of points. When i was about 14-15 I started looking to get more serious about my art. I wanted to make actual money off of it, so I started considering prices and i never charged anything more than $20. I was still really torn because a few people were still telling me that I was underchar
:iconbeautysnake:BeautySnake 1,253 586
Notes from the Devils In Your Lungs
               My body is a trail of blood marks, cigarette burns and ravenous ferocity down your throat because you once kissed, courted, and tantalised death for the sake of painting cyclones and hurricanes on the blank slate heart you thought I had. I'm a poison ivy growing, tangling, twining around your star crossed future I was erotically, maniacally, co-dependently in love with. I spit serpent tongue and baby spiders onto your hipbones just so you could turn into a haphazard maelstrom and toxic wasteland and see that I'm merely a pigtailed child tethered to a bedpost and you are the mural showcasing my feral tantrum.
              I'm sorry I swallowed champagne hearing you shrieked, crumbled, and gritted your teeth as your millisecond conscious tricked you into thinking your harrowed stutter can ever be laced to a parachute and you can thread between the seams of reality and evaporate in the last breath o
:iconmilk-and-pie:Milk-and-Pie 46 23
Here's to those who are hurting
               You're not poison ivy and you're not crushed mimosa, you're not a history of screwed ups and let downs, you're not choked hazard with nothing else to give. You're not his or hers or theirs to be tugged and pulled around by their selfish and egocentric whims and your future is certainly not on their leash. You don't combust into flames and extinguish into ashes on the click of their fingers, so breathe and relax. You don't owe anyone anything and you certainly are not their definition of damaged cassette tapes.
               Tell anyone who had ever told you that you're not gritted teeth and clenched fist to screw off because you had been inhaling vile smoke and your lungs are turning black and your kidneys are rebelling into cement and stones and you are in the middle of pitfalls and booby traps and all you have are wrong wrong wrong advices that made you cry until your bones f
:iconmilk-and-pie:Milk-and-Pie 258 93
Passageway by Wildweasel339 Passageway :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 1,310 42 Titan Eren doodle by zoklock Titan Eren doodle :iconzoklock:zoklock 13 3 Margaery Tyrell by Dopaprime Margaery Tyrell :icondopaprime:Dopaprime 5,403 139 surge of fur by TORONN surge of fur :icontoronn:TORONN 4,114 128 Love Wins by yuumei Love Wins :iconyuumei:yuumei 16,056 2,081 Moth and the Flame 17 by StressedJenny Moth and the Flame 17 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 5,273 727



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm a 18 year old beginner artist who one day hopes of being a professional. I'm mostly into portraits and such and rarely ever does full body since I haven't fully grasped anatomy.

Anyway, to anyone who faved my work or added it to their collection... THANK YOU SO MUCH!
It means a lot and will always be appreciated! I put this here because sometimes I don't go through all the people who have faved or collected and I just think it's proper to thank them!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

Tumblr is:
Instagram is: shohbeee

Visit my Patreon page if you would like to support me! Any information is located there and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here or on Patreon!
Hey guys, soon after I launched I already posted a piece! The final product is visible to anyone, but the process shots, the tutorials, and the tool info are all available when you pledge $1.00 or more!

Come and support me here!



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