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You don't have to read that book!
Twi: No! I'll find out what the end is!
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Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter What kind of a pie is that? It's just numbers! Well...a never-ending supply of pie sounds great!
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Twilight, spoiler alert, but at the end 'pie' killed 'pi' !
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"If Pinkie and her family know this by heart, I must do as well! I MUST!"
-Hey Twilight!
"Hi Pinkie."
-Did you know that the 2,455th digit number is 6?
"... "
She closed the book, let it drop on the ground and left.
-Huh? Hey! Where are you going?

BTW, I checked.
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Also, the millionth digit is 5. Some mathematician joked that the millionth digit would be five... turns out he was right!!!
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I can see astrophysics using this level of precision.
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That look on her face is priceless. :XD:
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so it's an infinite book? wow, it must be very heavy!
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I love the shading and colors ;P
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Her face looks like shes seen some shit, though that's probably because shes trying to find the end of pi. xD
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Dunno why, but I can see Pinkie spoiling the ending.:XD:
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I'll give her a book about e. lol
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Well, at least she's having some pie. :p
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