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[[OUTDATED!!!!!]] Old territory map of Azeroth.



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This map is of the political and territorial boundaries of Azeroth, showing Alliance (Blue), Horde (Red) and 3rd party (Yellow) territory. I did not make the backround map, All I did was add a new layer, and, with alot of in and out of game research, drew on the borders as accurately as possible. Thanks for Viewing!
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After the fall of Orgrimmar (5.4) Stonetalon Mountains are lost, Ashenvale is overrun by the Kaldorei and I'm not sure about Northern Barrens. The Horde presence on Kalimdor remains only in Mulgore, Durotar, Echo Isles and Azshara.
And did you draw all the Blood Elven Reliquary posts? I believe, there are 3 of them at least, one in Badlands (I see, it's on the map).