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January 11, 2021
Haggle by Haco1
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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”I'm telling you! It's the real deal! An authentic 'Fisherman's amulet'”

Made with Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint
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© 2021 Haco1
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Awesome, Stunning, and Compelling Artwork!!! Awesome Stunned Something I've Lacked :meow: :love: :headbang: :popcorn: :squee: :clap: Applaud fella (Reactions)

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"Don't try'n charm me, Missy, all you longshanks look alike t'me!"

RJLbwb's avatar

Very alive little scene there.

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snicker1's avatar

fisherman's amulet, sounds like an authentic fisherman's story of the one that got away! thanks for sharing.

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The Knight in the back is looking right at her bum. Nice detail and an altogether great scene.


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where can I purchase a print?

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OMG its so well created. The moment caught in time. Everyone in frame has a part in your scheme! including the men at the door OMG I love it! Thank you!

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Thank you so much :)

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She's falling for the Blarney!

arfgard's avatar

Where be this indi-dones-ian land ye speak of ??

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"So you say, but your 'authentic fisherman's amulet' is missing the queen's mark. You stole this from a merchant, didn't you, this one was never awarded. Take the 5 silver the gold of it is worth or I'll call the guards"

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I appreciate the realism in this: The knight in the background checking her out while she's distracted. :nod:

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...interesting scene.

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