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My Bio

Dutch hobby photographer. Loves bokeh, shallow depth of field, surrealistic landscapes, sunrises and sundowns, wide aspect ratio's, cinematic shots and nature shots. I do not prefer to use a tripod and I never use a flash. At the moment I only use prime lenses.

I like to collect old lenses to experiment with on my camera. Especially the lenses with their own character, like swirly bokeh and the Zeiss 3D pop effect. However, I also use ''normal'' digital lenses. My main points for a lens are sharpness wide open and bokeh. My favourite focal length is around 50mm and I rarely use lenses not wide open, only landscapes I stop down.

I buy/sell, repair and use the old lenses. I only use old lenses on a digital body, I do not use film or anything. If it looks like it, it is just done in post production.


Sony A7R II


Sony Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA Sony E-mount

Sigma 35mm F1.2 DG DN Art Sony E-mount

Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN Art Sony E-mount

Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar F2 58mm Exakta

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR electric MC Pancolar F1.8 50mm M42

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR MC Flektogon F2.8 20mm M42

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor F2.8 100mm M42

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor F2.8 135mm Exakta

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestegor F4 200mm M42

TAIR-3-PhS F4.5 300mm M42

MC Zenitar-ME1 F1.7 50mm (square aperture) M42

Helios 44 F2 58mm M39 (13 blades, silver)

Helios 44 F2 58mm M39 ''zebra''

Helios 44M F2 58mm M42

Helios 44-2 F2 58mm M42

Helios 77M-4 F1.8 50mm M42

Helios 40-2 F1.5 85mm M42

Haiou-64 F2 58mm SR

Pentacon AV F2.8 80mm projector lens

If you have any questions about the old manual lenses, feel free to ask. Also about other things.

Favourite Movies
A lot
Favourite TV Shows
Archer, Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, Better Call Saul, Ik Vertrek, Tegenlicht
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A lot
Favourite Games
Mafia I&II, Borderlands, CoD
Favourite Gaming Platform

Some amazing photography

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Here you see a marvelous view of a forest leading to a mountain. A clean sky, warm glow at the left and colder glow at the right. Beautiful mostly green coloured, different shades of green, trees. The framing is superb, using a wide frame really gives you a feeling of a wide landscape. Go check out https://www.deviantart.com/sirgerg His framing all over the board is superb with nice atmospheric landscapes. An interesting and perfectly composed portrait. A part of the cloth is in focus and another part creates beautiful depth of field. A really interesting and stunning looking picture. Cooler colours, and maybe overall a little de-saturated,
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A few of my favourites

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I always select my favourites very careful. A picture needs to tick a few boxes before I place it in my favourites. Here are a few of those favourites: https://www.deviantart.com/dobytek/art/no-title-738484739 A very straighforward picture. A person in the middle, centered, with a relatively uniform background. In terms of colour, the whole picture is in the same colour style. The marvelous thing about this picture I find the atmosphere. It looks like the person is standing in a (bomb)crater and the pieces are still flying around her. The pose is good, it has the perfect amount of depth of field and the whole picture has almost the same c
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Learned something new today worth sharing I think. When viewing images in certain image view programs, the colours and so can be (way) off. For example I was looking in Microsofts Windows 10 standard image viewer and the pictures looked all different...
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You have excellent framing and must travel a lot for some of the pictures you've taken.


Not besides the summer holiday and the forests near my home =P

:wow: :+devwatch: Thanks a lot winker Fella (Reaction)

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THANKS! It works!

I still wonder why I can't find the button anymore in the browser. Is that totally gone since the update or is it also hidden somewhere? I tried many times to find it, but in browser I can't find the journal and status button.