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【 蜂空学園 】
Hachizora Academy


Hachizora Academy ( 蜂 taken from 蜂起; uprising, rather than simply 'bee', however the school board acknowledged how great of a pun it would make and thus the school colours and mascots are all bee themed ) is a rather prestigious high school situated in Odaiba. Getting in through normal means is rather difficult, but because the bar is set so high, they are one of the most high ranked schools nationwide.

The school is renowned for their female volleyball club, but that is not to say that the rest of the student body is any less spectacular. No, in fact, many colourful individuals attend this school. As prestigious as it seems, the staff leaves room for customising one's look as long as certain conditions are met and rules aren't broken.

Now then, let's have some fun ~ ★

status | Personal project with friends. If you're friends with anyone in here you can probably join.
method of communication | We're mostly on discord, so if you're a member and want to join the group chat, contact an admin or note the group!
themes | slice of life, fandom(ish), coming of age, anything that could fall under slice of life such as drama, angst, romance, etc.










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