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Ethemy tagged me to do more facts about The Crimson Ninja! 8D HERE WE GO!

A) Write 8 Facts about your Character 
B) Tag another 8 People 
C) Choose only one Character of them


Fact 1: The Crimson Ninja is horrible at making tea!
So bad, in fact, he suspects that he's just cursed to never make a decent tea. No matter what he does, the tea he serves is always disgusting-- either terribly bitter, overly sweet, or awfully bland. He always appreciates when someone makes him tea instead! 

Fact 2: The Crimson Ninja likes to cook!
While not having much in terms of modern cookware, he's made himself his own clay oven, grows some of his food, and spends a lot quality time making his meals-- mostly outdoors over a fire! When weather isn't permitting him to work outside, he often cooks a simple stew or soup over the fire. 

Fact 3: The Crimson Ninja is located deep in the woods-- but is surprisingly only a few miles from the Xiaolin Temple!
He's refurbished an old shrine into his home, and has managed to keep his whereabouts unknown-- until later on in his story! A small walk away is another building he's been slowly fixing up at the top of a hill. He often goes up there to enjoy the view on clear nights.

Fact 4: The Crimson Ninja has a weak spot somewhere on his body! 
It's hard to tell if it's hit the first few times, but his breathing gets heavier if it's hit enough. He avidly attempts not to show how much pain it causes him, but if hit enough times, or even hard enough, he'll double over in pain. It's just below his rib cage on the left side of his body, and it's due to a stab wound serious injury he's had in the past.

Fact 5: The Crimson Ninja has only been in love once before.
Ever since, he's closed himself off to the idea that he'll ever love anyone again. He never speaks of the matter, and only admits that he understands love when it's brought up in conversation. Although he's a big romantic, and loves love, he refuses to let himself truly develop feelings for anyone. And yet, it's gonna happen.

Fact 6: The Crimson Ninja knows a bit on the language of flowers!
While he's not a master, he enjoys reading up on the meaning behind different flowers, and will often make use of it in his poetry. His favorite flower is the classic Red Rose. He often compares others to flowers as well.

Fact 7: The Crimson Ninja is an orphan!
While he very vaguely mentions the fact he's never known nor had parents, he remarks about having 'something of a family' before promptly changing the subject or directing the conversation away. He knows nothing about his parents, other than the fact they are truly dead.

Fact 8: The Crimson Ninja's from a very secretive clan; and they are PISSED with him.
The big boy of this fact sheet! It is later revealed that The Crimson Ninja's ex-clan are after him for breaking their code and abandoning the clan, and they intend to have his head for it. They first ask the Xiaolin Monks to help bring him to justice, but when they find out they intend to kill the Crimson Ninja, they decide against helping them. Later, they approach Chase Young for help... and things get sour from there.

Ethemy - NINA. I TOLD YOU I'D DO IT AGAIN! >8U (or do Tai! Either/or)
WhoYouFightin - ha! now you have to do it. >8D 
Crystal-Zen - Crystal
MidnightTheInsomniac - Zoe
LeenaZenyo - Halo
shokujupiterr - ALL THE THE BAILEY KIDS
eveedemon - Christian
XiaolinHeylin - Shuang
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(Just a sad vent; ignore this if you want!)

My dad just found a note from mom she hid in a box of Christmas lights.

"If you find this, it means you're still here. If I'm not, I love you all so much! & Merry Christmas." 

She passed away in November of 2016. It's been at least 3 years since that particular box of lights has been opened. It's moments like this I just wish I could call her and tell her about everything she's missed out on the past few years. About my job, about my life, my writing, my art... I just want to hear her voice again.
Me: I feel like writing, drawing... just generally creating! 
Brain: Only focus on the ship
Me: Oh, but I’m not ready to make that public and only a handful of people actually know-
I've got a new group officially open if you love reading and/or writing! We've got all kinds of neat stuff going on now and in the future. There are so many talented writers in this community-- and this group was made for you to share your work and get inspired! 
Now that we have consumed an appropriate amount of sugar, we now prepare our appetites for the upcoming celebration of THE HARVEST

I love Halloween but I’m psyched for Thanksgiving! 
I just want you guys to know I’m so thankful you’re here, you’re alive, you’re fighting tooth and nail and you’re doing a great job. Keep it up. I’m rooting for you.


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