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[NovelAI + hachimitsu] Rebirth of an Empress Keba



At first I began to cry when I found out that Ai has caught up with is heavily advance and has the knowledge to make any work into life..which puts me out of a job and an inspiring artist. There are many pros and cons to this but when I tried it..I got addicted....and had alot of fun..
I wanted to put as many phrases and tags to see what it can know and what it cannot. It can understand how to make a mermaid, but it cannot make a genie...
Creating something out of AI in a form of an artificial artwork is difficult to understand unless you learn the prompted messages.

EVEN with all that and done this is what I know and how I got this result. Sadly...THis came with another cost... My most favorite artwork of all time...

Rebirth of an Empress - Keba Genie Transformation…

Enjoy this as the result was beautiful but I had to make alot of corrections...feet, eyes, hair, Wrist especially but the result still looks amazing...
EXPECT to have this animated shortly in the future because this is incredible

female, arabian, transformation, djinnification, {{genie}}, Magic Lamp, brass lamp, glowing eyes, blue eyes, enslaved, slave, imprisoned, shackled, glowing hair, smoke, plume, smoke trail, nebula, fiery hair, illuminated, glowing, 1girl, large breasts, high ponytail, full body, legs together, iridescent eye glows, silver hair,  naked, elemental, nsfw,

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Are you going to post all of the old content to the Genie Harem website? Could you please DM me about it?