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Genie Keba of the Bottle - Tirnanogindustries Vers by hachimitsu-ink Genie Keba of the Bottle - Tirnanogindustries Vers by hachimitsu-ink
:icontirnanogindustries: Is a very talented artist and I envy his work so much. No matter how much I tried hard on my own, I manage to felt upset and depress that seeing his works makes my work put into shame ;_;!....

He has worked so hard on his daimyo falls contest that I tried my best to impress him.
Even though I lost, I still wanted to have a Comission from him. 
Keba is one of the top trinity characters i admire so much, and with his talented skills, I wish to see it in his view. HOwever the first draft didn't capture what i wanted it to be since it felt......basic.

there was some communication problems as well for starters there was incident where Everytime i sent notes, I got errors from deviant art saying the user has not been found.
and then there were moments where he sent me 3 notes, sharing the same responses! ( DA notes has been duplicated)

-=-=-=-=-=-Final verdict:::
Granted that he is a talented artist, we did had some issues on the timing management. 
- The payment was sent At October 14th of 2017...
- The sketch draft has not arrived til October 18th-25th  (somewhere in between while the changes were implemented immediatly)
I also have to add extra because as a person who value his work, I need to pay for the hard work he has put into on the sketch. ( Plus It felt rude to ask for a full change v_v since i was unhappy with the first draft)
Afterwards I havent seen what the second draft looked like until he finally finished the drawing, but there was an event I really really wanted to impress him and it was the daimyo falls contest, I didn't care if I win or not, but i do care of wanting to impress him how i really appreciated his work, so I spent my entire night to draw one of his characters. 
(heck I livestream it within 18-21 hours TOPS)

I have not receive the Second Draft drawing ever since then

May 13th of 2018.. was the date I finally recieved it

so in total, with the changes being made, It wil cost you about 7 months...
HOWEVER I did ordered Two comissions before hand, but because I was in an unstable financial situation ( Fanime con 2018 and the upcomming Anime Expo of 2018) I needed to ask for a refund which doesnt happen til like...May 15th...

A comission from Him will cost you 7 months With delays and arrangements being applied!
normally I would tell him to post the artwork NOW to dedicated for  :iconpunisher2006: but I did have a right to make an evaluation review for those who are interested on commissioning him!

but yeah it is worth, but I am noticing now not all artists can get the job done within a week!

:icontirnanogindustries:  your welcome to post this artwork on your account since I am going to put a watermark ( had to use crystal btw) so Please post it as soon as you can... 

ALSO>> PLEASE DO NOT NOTE ME ABOUT THE DAIMYO FALLS CONTENTS, I DOn't OWN THE PRODUCT, and I haven't received it yet!..SO PLEASE STOP asking questions about it!... I maybe friends with him but COME on ;_;!... give him some time to get these preparations completed ;_;!
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Punisher2006 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018  Hobbyist
Wow! This is awesome! They did a great job Demi! And did you colour it? If so, you did a great job on colouring it. :+fav: Thank you again.
hachimitsu-ink Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018
nono i never colored this.. tirnanogindustries did.. I was so backed up on comissions that I couldnt have a chance to find a proper gift v_v!
Punisher2006 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Hobbyist
It's okay. I still love this and the other one you did. Thank you again.
Dragonkingmark Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
Fallendragonwolf Featured By Owner Edited Aug 29, 2018  Student General Artist
It looks like the artist captured your style when you first started out
hachimitsu-ink Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
I really love his work..I wanna come back for more.. but right now I have to wait til 4 others are in the list v_v!
Fallendragonwolf Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2018  Student General Artist
He is very good. He captured your early work style very well.
kaaslave Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
Cute :)
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