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Black Mountain Pass [SOLD]

Personal Work

This artwork is already SOLD to tarje :icontarje: 
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Looks beautiful! :)
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Thank you very much!
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i dont get why artists upload their artworks so tiny, yeah, it looks better zoomed out, but .... this fills like 1/10th of my screen in the corner. you make awesome art but im going to unwatch you because of that
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Thanks for noticing and I apologize for it but I do have reasons. Though if you follow my Artstation portfolio site, you can view all of my works on a full resolution. :)
If this is the reason why you will have to unwatch me, I can't argue with you on that one. But I do am grateful for watching my art all this time.
Then again, if you want better resolutions, please do check out my Artstation portfolio site. :)

Hope you have a good day! :D
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ah thank you, have an account there too, just prefer deviantart, far bigger user base and variety :)
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for preview purpose only i think and if you are not aware some people might use the artwork without permission and the artist wont know that.
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yeah, im aware of that, im also aware of the fact that it doesnt affect my income in any way.
4k monitors are becoming the new standard, so 1920 width or 1200 height for upright pictures is nothing.
all my artworks are downsized too btw, but if the art is so tiny i cant even properly enjoy it, i wont look at it, simple as that.
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