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I Am Not An Artist

I Am Not An Artist

(Please note that this journal is for venting purposes. This is also something that has been bothering me for a few years now, and I need to get it off of my chest, as well as kind of share what my stance is on my own art. Might I add that I am not writing this just to get attention. Like I said, I just need to get this off of my chest, as it has been something that sticks in the back of my mind a lot of the time. Please read, only if you would like to. If you want to comment, I forbid any negative comments, as I do not want to be bashed by others while I already hurt myself. I hope you understand.) I am not an artist. I'm just not. Now... What makes me say this? What makes me think this? What do I mean by this? Why would I say or think this to begin with? Well, allow me to provide you with some background information. In seventh grade, I had to take art as a mandatory class. You can imagine I was excited. However, the very first thing that we did in that class (that I put a lot
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My Bio

Hello! I'm Hachi, and I've been drawing for about 5 months now(Mid-June to Mid-November)and I also play a bit of Roblox as well!(The account is dead now, but here:https://web.roblox.com/users/900343721/profile)

If you wanted to know, I use Kleki mobile edition(I recommend you use it cuz it's quite simple to use if you use it right, though it's also good for beginners to use)I write literature in my spare time(when I'm not drawing) I always make random art(I try to make what I say I do but djfgbaegfbha creativity is just like dnbf)

My good friends: Verte-bae and QuMiii (for now I might make new friends)

A couple things you need to know: I do commissions and art trades, but I don't take requests!

Preferably, I wish for you NOT to use my artwork! DO NOT TRACE, STEAL (claim as your own), OR COPY MY WORK! If you do so wish or desire to use my artwork in ANYTHING at all, please ASK for permission!


  • Please do not solicit your DA account or your other social media to me just to get me to follow you. Please do not ask or beg for a watch from me. Please do not ask or beg for llamas.(I'll only give llamas to people I actually trust)

  • Please do not spam (constantly post) comments on my profile or on a piece of art in my gallery, journal, poll, status update, etc. This will make me flag you as spam, as it's just really annoying.

  • Please don't send me a note or message me unless it is important, like regarding requests and things like that. Just don't send me a note or message asking for a date or a romantic/intimate relationship! It's super weird, and just makes me uncomfortable.(Imagine some stranger just sends you a note and then just flat out asks you for a date)

  • Please do not comment anything rude or disrespectful on my profile, gallery, journals, polls, nor status updates. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but do not straight up insult my work. This will result in me flagging you as spam.

  • Also, please don't watch me for no reason(I mean by watching me then not chatting or talking to people or something)or if I favorited one thing! It doesn't support me, but rather makes it empty to talk to people.

Favourite Visual Artist
Jael Peneloza, Camila Cuevas,SomethingElseYT,The0dd1s0ut, Jaiden Animations, and Little-Noko
Favourite Movies
Coraline, Kubo and the Two Strings, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and Rango
Favourite TV Shows
(Don't know if these count lol)Underverse and Glitchtale
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Forrest Day(10/31/20)Glass Animals(8 months)Updog(6/10/20),DAgames(3 years) ,Cg5(3 years), Jack Stauber(A couple months), Vansire the Band(10/13/20)
Favourite Books
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda,James and the Giant Peach
Favourite Writers
Roald Dahl
Favourite Games
Roblox(Free Draw 2)
Other Interests
Undertale and its Aus

Donation Pool

Donachunn[READ DEC]

I want to try to support other artists by giving them points!(Oh god I'm sorry for changing the title cuz I didn't know how to explain my actual intentions of what I was gonna do with them, and it just clicked in my stupid mind forgive mee)

200/1000 points
Going on hiatus for the week break!)Also tomorrow is my bro's birthday!)

Which band do you like?

  |  3 votes
  • One Republic
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Glass Animals
  • Other(Comment it)

What are you sad to see discontinued?

  |  3 votes
  • Gravity Falls
  • Steven Universe

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Hi! I like your among us art!

also feel free to give me a watch if you like my artworks :)

I'm still improving though. Also welcome to DA! Hope you have a good time here :3

Thank you! I also like your artworks as well!

Thank you for watching!!

No problem!I really like your content!

Thank you so much for watching! -^^-