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S.Ward (modo)

Zbrush sculpt rendered out of modo

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Spectacular. Seriously.
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This is the scariest picture on the internet
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Anyone else think Squidward kinda looks like a Nazi propaganda cartoon of a Jew?
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My fav, nice!
Kudos1567's avatar
ooooohhhhhhhhh, it's skwidward, ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye
Kudos1567's avatar
squidward* ytdchnvn or something, not actually sure
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I wish this was rigged up, I'd love to animate him!
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unfortunately I had no plans beyond the still, so he's modeled in that position. Rigging would be a nightmare without a retopo and repose.
But it would be super cool to see him moving around.
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Yeah, I figured as much. Maybe we can work together on a future project. Could be fun to get back into doing lip syncs and stuff.
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And LRW thought HE looked 'rough' in the a.m.! (GRINS) .... WELL done above!
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wow *___* Luv de expression! :D
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