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Knight of Time Cape: Tutorial

By HABanime
Hood tutorial:

First time sewing anything! Here's a little how-to I whipped up, I hope it helps some people out there!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :meow:

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spaced-out-knight's avatar
Really grateful for this tutorial, I was wanting to finish the cosplay by 4/13.
clawsofscorge's avatar
Now just change the colors and you have any other element of god tier as a knight~
Vriskerz's avatar
do you do commissions for these e7e
twinkie0413's avatar
Hey I just have two questions.
1) How wide should the cape be at the bottom, compared to the shoulders? I noticed that it got wider, so I'm just wondering how much wider.
2) Are you SUUUUUUUURE you don't remember the kind of fabric you used?
HABanime's avatar
I didn't have any specific measurements, I just made the bottom part of the cape the width of my fabric.  It looked about right for the cape, and it fit my body size fine.

As the years go on, I remember less and less of the details of this cape tutorial.  For a scope on how much time has passed, I no longer live in the same house or go to the same school as I did when I made this.  Looking back, I made a lot of mistakes, and overall, this was only a mediocre cape at best.  The cape was far too heavy, making it uncomfortable to wear (it choked me) without the hood up, the front panel was too small, the fabric was rough and unflattering, etc. etc.

I used a middleweight fabric with a slightly rough, almost burlap texture.  It was not the best fabric to use.  A better fabric to use would have been a lightweight to middleweight fabric of a smooth nylon or nylon/cotton blend with a brighter color that would move and flow more easily and in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Really, a lot of what you do is trial and error, and your own personal circumstances.  Just because I did something a certain way doesn't mean that's /the/ way to do it.  I'm just a stupid kid figuring out what the hell I'm doing just like everybody else.  Also, a lot of my cosplays have elements that came up due to shit that I personally needed to figure out.  For my godtier!Dave cosplay, I couldn't find any red pants in stores that fit me (I didn't have any way of buying anything online either), so I went in a pair of boxers.  For my broken!clear cosplay, I forgot my boots, so I went without them.

So like, I dunno man just do what you gotta do, you learn a million things from your failures, and only one thing from your successes.  Good luck dude.
twinkie0413's avatar
Thank you, and you're right! ^u^
twinkie0413's avatar
wait never mind the second question
ThePeaceful103's avatar
Did hem every piece of cloth, or just the bottom of the cape? Also, how did you separate the measurements of the neck on the two separate pieces, and how did it fit? (You pull it over your head, right?)
I'm super new to sewing, so it's nice to see I'm not the only noob. (Dressing as my classpect, Knight of Heart, for Halloween :3)
HABanime's avatar
You only need to hem the parts of the cloth that are exposed after you've sewn everything together.  The point of hemming is to stop the cloth from unraveling, so like the bottom and sides of the cape are exposed, and need to be hemmed, as well as the front panel and the edge of the hood.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I honestly don't remember??  I did this like three years ago and I'm not exactly sure what I did.  The cape did pull over my head, so I went with a measurement that allowed my head through, so it wasn't snug around my neck.  Trial and error is really helpful with stuff like this.
ThePeaceful103's avatar
Awesome. Thanks for the help! :3
docmat1977's avatar
Awesome! My daughter talked me into doing a Knight of Doom suit... Got most of the clothing except the cape. This will be perfect!
HABanime's avatar
Awesome!  I hope it all turns out well! :)
docmat1977's avatar
Same here. Although I did think about making a variation of the costume and giving it a semi-armored look using that floor foam or something and then just attach the cape to the pauldrons
HABanime's avatar
that would be pretty damn hella
Xeyonic's avatar
hello! thank you so much for making this tutorial omg you life saver. i was wondering how much fabric i might need if im like 5'3? im not sure if height matters in this case, though haha ;v;"" 
HABanime's avatar
Sorry for the late response, I haven't been on here in a few months.

Just depends on how far you want the cape to go.  Adjust the height of the cape from shoulder to the bottom depending on how tall you are, and where you want the cape to fall (ankle, calf, etc.)

Uhhh I bought like 2.5 yards of fabric, and I had enough to make an additional hood after I screwed up the first one, and a lot of scrap left over.  So you should be good with two and a half, or even two if you want.
Xeyonic's avatar
its totally fine! and thank you for responding c: 
Invader-Zonia's avatar
ooh this will be great for making my knight of breath outfit, but how many yards did you get?? was it enough?
HABanime's avatar
I used 2.5 yards of fabric, and it was definitely enough.  I had to re-make the hood (since I messed it up the first time), so the extra fabric was very helpful. :)
Xsoulsoundx's avatar
Definitely using this for my knight of heart cosplay :3 awesome tutorial
wildboy999's avatar
What was the width of your cape, and was the 2.5 yards the area or the length? Thank you 

HABanime's avatar
The width of the cape was about 50" I believe?  I'm sorry, I don't remember the exact details, but I think that was it.  Honestly, I just eyeballed it and did what looked alright.

2.5 yards was the length of the fabric I ordered.  They come on rolls of a set width (of which I'm not sure).
F0rgottenSoul's avatar
Instructions weren't clear enough, I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan, pls help

JK, this is just the tutorial I need, thank you so much
HABanime's avatar
sorry about your dick im sure they grow back maybe
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