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Tails wants some Popcorn by Haalyle Tails wants some Popcorn :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 7 3
Oblivious Savior - Sonadow FanFic - One-shot
Sonic had no words. What lay before him, hurt him. There was no way. This couldn't have happened.
“Are you... just... gonna look... at me?” Shadow gasped, bringing the blue hedgehog back to his senses.
Sonic looked from Shadow and back to the large robot in his way. They had planned for this to work with neither of them getting hurt. So why had that backfired?
He wasn't too sure which emotion was more powering. The anger, the anxiety, the fear, the sadness, the hopelessness... there was just too many things going on at once.
All Shadow could see, as he lay on the ground, was a blue blur destroying the robot as if it had destroyed something he absolutely loved. Of course, the black hedgehog thought that was a stupid idea. But losing quite a bit of blood gave him some weird delirious thoughts.
Quite as quickly as he dismissed his thought, the blue blur ran towards him and gently placed a hand on top and underneath him.
Shadow winced slightly. Even with him being the Ultimate
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 22 2
Birthday Tape - Sonadow FanFic - One-shot!
Sonic smelt the smoke from the candle as he blew it out, making a wish that he knew would never come true. A metallic kitchen knife glimmered near his eye as Tails handed it to him.
“Don't forget to kiss the closest girl when you touch the bottom,” Amy reminded with a small smirk, her hammer resting over her shoulder as she lingered over Sonic's left shoulder.
“Heh... right. How could I forget?” Sonic asked, laughing nervously as he quickly glanced from over his shoulder to the cake that sat in front of him. Amy, of course, had made the cake and had decorated it with a lot of blue icing, love hearts and had wrote 'Happy Birthday Sonic' in pink icing at the centre.
How hard can it be to not touch the centre, hey? Sonic looked at his quivering hand that trembled slightly as he lowered the knife near the surface of the cake, don't see why it has to be the closest girl, why not just the closest person, huh?
He put the knife into the sponge cake
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 18 3
Happy Valentine's Day! by Haalyle Happy Valentine's Day! :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 5 3
Improv Writing - Untitled (Based on Project 2017)
He could smell the hot ash around him as he stood atop the building. All around him stood gigantic robots, that seemed to shadow him with their amazing height. He gave a quick glance around the city, feelings of despair and, some slight, helplessness washing over him. The smell was all too familiar however, this wasn't the first time he had seen such destruction.
A robot turned its attention from the building it had just completely destroyed, its structure lay like bones on the ground. However, the robot's new target was of flesh and blood, not drywall and brick. It took large, exaggerated steps towards to blue hedgehog that stood high and, with some courage, proud onto of a building that was still standing.
Sonic couldn't help but know that he was not going to be enough to take down these many robots. He had underestimated the power of his enemy. Such a being shouldn't have had this much destructive power. Regardless of the scene at hand, he was still the hero everyone knew
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 8 5
Merry Christmas 2016 by Haalyle Merry Christmas 2016 :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 6 9 Brilliant Terrible Sketch by Haalyle Brilliant Terrible Sketch :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 7 11
Terribly Cliche - Sonadow FanFic - One-shot!
“Why, out of every place, did you decide to take me here, Shadow?” Sonic asked in an irritated tone. The ebony hedgehog knew how much Sonic hated being near cities. How stuffy the pollution of a city was, Sonic tended to claim it would suffocate him. Even being on the outskirts of the city put Sonic on edge. He could see the pollution of the town just hovering over it. It made him wonder how everyone could live in such a place.
“You already know the answer to that,” Shadow simply replied, standing beside the sitting hedgehog and the night sky darkened the world. He crossed his arms and looked up into the sky.
The cobalt blue hedgehog laid down slightly, leaning on his elbow to his right side. He gave a dull sigh and looked up at Shadow, “You know you can't see the stars here, right? The pollution is just going to cover the sky and even from here we aren't going to see 'em.”
Shadow lowered down to sit near Sonic and looked straight at him, a co
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 31 5
Physical Sonic Collection (26-10-2016) by Haalyle Physical Sonic Collection (26-10-2016) :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 7 9
A Better Souvenir - Soncelot FanFic - One-shot!
The blue hedgehog's eyes darted from the writing on the page to the shimmering gold at the end of the bed. It was hard keeping a talking sword hidden, but he had managed to do it over these years, mainly from the help of Caliburn deciding to act as a quiet inanimate object whenever anyone else was around. But it appeared that something was wrong, or at least that's what Sonic thought.
“What's up?” The blue hedgehog asked, placing the book he had been reading down on the bedside table, he then crawled to the end of the bed and picked the sword up.
“There appears to be some disturbance with this reality,” The sword spoke in a hushed manner.
“Huh? I've had you for years and nothing's happened,” Sonic looked over the sword with confusion, sitting up on the bed and lying the sword over his crossed legs.
“No, it is not my appearance here that has affected the reality. It is of another, of which feels familiar to me. But being behind these wall
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 27 39
Deep Secrets - Sonadow FanFic - Chap 8 of ?
Sonic opened his eyes and stretched out his body, caught completely by surprise by the one beside him who sat up and looked down at him as he lay like a star on the bed.
"Oh... I didn't know you were there," The azure hero nervously chuckled, quickly sitting up with his knees to his chest, "Kinda forgot I was here."
"So, you weren't aiming to hit me in the face with your arm I take it," The ebony hedgehog replied, getting off of the bed and awaiting for Sonic to do the same.
"Why were you in bed with me while I was sleeping?" Sonic questioned, throwing his legs over the bed and stretching his arms out. He then pulled the straps of the costume comfortably on his shoulders and stood up, dusting his outfit.
Shadow didn't reply, instead he walked out of the room without giving Sonic an explanation.
Hm... well, that doesn't surprise me. I guess me giving him that kiss hardly changed matters, Sonic chucked softly and looked out the window.
Dawn, the early sun just appearing over th
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 15 7
Can you find the number? by Haalyle Can you find the number? :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 3 18
Invisible Guardian - Sonadow FanFic - One-shot
He held a hand over his knee, attempting to rise himself up with the other hand, which slipped through the mud, causing him to fall back down and feel the stinging pain of his injury on his knee as the rain continued to pour over the helpless blue hedgehog.
He hissed in pain and anger, as he sat back up and watched the blood run down his leg in small thin streams. Stupid rain, stupid weather, stupid hedgehog.
He looked up to the dark grey clouds that hovered above him for what felt like days. He thought this quick run was all going to be dry, but the weather was not in his favour today. And in his rush to get back to his shack, he lost traction and fell over, onto the concrete and slid for quite some time down the small hill.
He hated the rain, he hated getting wet, but everything that had happened probably could have been avoided if he had simply just slowed down. In fact, he didn't even know what he was worried about. Tails would be in the workshop, it wasn't like it was a lightning
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 28 37
Collab: Matching Icons - Lineart by Haalyle Collab: Matching Icons - Lineart :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 18 0 Collab: Matching Icons - Colour by Haalyle Collab: Matching Icons - Colour :iconhaalyle:Haalyle 28 5
Artificial Love - Sonadow FanFic - Chap 13 of ?
Shadow couldn't shake the feeling that Amy had been constantly with them all day, watching from within shadows, an invisible entity. He shook his head, he was just getting paranoid from all the events that had happened, as if Amy would want to do anything to worsen the situation. A feeling nagged him though. Maybe it was a bad idea letting him get that ice-cream.
"What's up Shads? You look like you're in a deep thought," Sonic noted as he placed an arm around Shadow, his ice-cream in one hand and a steel spoon in the other. He shoved the spoon into the ice-cream and put it into his mouth.
"Thoughts about your concern that aren't your concern," Shadow muttered, staring at the ice-cream.
"You're right Shads, I should have just stuck with strawberry. There's something off with this chocolate," Sonic replied, with a look of disgust, leaving the spoon in the ice-cream. He placed it down on the table and went to the fridge to get a soft drink out.
Shadow looked at the ice-cream contai
:iconhaalyle:Haalyle 13 17
Drawn Digital Art:
Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear | Stamp: Wacom user by sionra




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Hello! I'm Haalyle!
I like to write, that's where most of my creativity goes, but I do like to edit together wallpapers as well!
All wallpapers I've made/edited are free to use, so don't be shy. You don't need to ask for my permission, just as long as you aren't crediting it as your own work... which it is not!

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