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Noahs ark book cover

Were to illustrate the text of Noahs ark at school! which i was incredibly happy about, since i loved the story when i was a kid! and still do!!

Made it a bit different then your usual noah´s ark!

this is the cover of the book! I wanted the cover to be like an antique map!

used watercolors.
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Hi, Just came across your work.  Im currently looking for Artist to join my team to create original art for book covers.  I love your style and think it will really work with what im after.  Please have a look at the webpage it explains the projects and lists the books were covering.  Hope to hear from you soon.
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Hi! Thank you very much!:D
This is very interesting!
And I am certainly excited by the chosen book titles.
I am quite interested in your offer!
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Great.  Obviously you have looked at the webpage.  If you have any questions please contact via the page or email address listed on my profile.
Happy to have you on board :)
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Hi.....Your work is simply amazing......I am an upcoming author and am looking for a book cover for my upcoming book......kindly give me a price for creating it.....


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Hey! Thanks a lot :) It will depend of course on the genre and type of book! But around 400 dollars + a certain small amount of each book sold!
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Thank U ;) and thanks for faving it!
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Very fun and creative. I like it a lot.
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I love itl!

In the featured folder nº 3 in Special-Groups. (Best works!).

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WOW, ok, denne var AWESOME! PUNKTUM :D
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Takk som byr, Tichi ! ;)
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Veldig bra! :D
Stilen er perfekt for litt typisk "barnebok" (positiv ting) ;)
et bilde man virkelig kan sitte å stirre på for å få med seg alt som skjer =P
Du fikk også til den "gammelt kart" look-en skikkelig bra :)
Flink! :pat: xD
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Takk som byr!! Er veldig glad i barnebokillustrasjoner så tar den godt til meg ;)
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:rose::orange::butterfly: This work has been featured here: [link] :rose::orange::butterfly:
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very very good!
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Thank you ;) And thanks for faving it too!
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this is epic. i honestly really love that u branched out from the norm. :) love the colors and stylization!
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aah! Thank you! :D you really know how to throw a compliment ;)
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Beautiful and full of creativity! Well done!
Riktigt bra! :)
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Thanks a lot :D Oi! er du skandinavisk?
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Jag bor i Sverige! :)
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Wow!!! I have not words...
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