Contest: Nomadism and Transcendence

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Hello all you wonderful people! :D Hope everyone has something to be happy about :aww: But if you don’t, here’s something to cheer you up: I’m holding a contest ! :D Yes, that’s right, an official, full-fledged competition for all you photographers out there :boogie:

Photography. An apology to all my friends who aren’t photographers, but there is no rule against starting an adventure into the photo realm with this contest in mind :D All you need is imagination :aww:

The heart of the matter is: “Nomadism and Transcendence.”

Here are formal definitions and my take on the theme:

Nomadism: Way of life of peoples who do not live continually in the same place but move cyclically or periodically. It is based on temporary centres whose stability depends on the available food supply and the technology for exploiting it. A hunting and gathering society is a type of nomadic group. Pastoral nomads, who depend on domestic livestock, migrate in an established territory to find pasture for their animals. Tinker or trader nomads, such as the Roma (Gypsies; see Rom) and the Irish and Scottish Travellers, are associated with a larger society but maintain their mobile way of life. Nomadism declined in the 20th century as urban centres expanded and governments sought to regulate or eliminate it. (Britannica Encyclopedia)

Transcendence: Lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.

Nomadism, in simple and broad terms, is traveling from place to place, without a permanent destination. Transcendence is rising above or moving beyond the tangible. Because of the inherently open nature of these two topics, a lot will be left up to your imagination and interpretation.
Basically, what I want to see in your photo is something that depicts traveling, impermanence, journeys etc (nomadism), or something showing spirituality (there is a difference between religion and spirituality; if you have any questions, feel free to ask), rising above perception, something otherworldly, ethereal, or something that simply shows me how your subject transcends/goes beyond the norm (transcendence). Examples could include someone walking across a vast plain with a bundle of belongings, a sudden revelation (dramatic or subtle, both work), a train or bus with passengers heading somewhere mysterious, the streets with pedestrians who look like they’re on the go 24/7, the bright light at the end of the tunnel, a gypsy camp etc etc. Imagination is the key people :D


Here’s a list of all the necessary evils:

:bulletred: Photographs only. Standard modifications (light, color, contrast etc) allowed, so is HDR and multiple layers. If you want texture, try to incorporate it into your photo pre-processing, but I will accept entries with textures from an outside source. Please credit the person who the texture belongs to though.

:bulletred: Two entries per deviant allowed (because the theme technically has two concepts. Note me your entries, with the subject line stating "Contest Entry"

:bulletred: The photographs can incorporate either one or both of the concepts. While it should be clear from the photo which one you chose, please indicate which one your piece is based on in your artist’s description :)

:bulletred: Please link back to this journal in your artist’s info, and fave the contest article once it’s up so that the word can be spread :aww:

:bulletred: Your entry must be in the photography category, and must be related to the theme.

:bulletred: No pornographic/hateful/racist entries please. This contest is about the beauty of human life, not the flaws of society. Artistic nudes are permitted, but nothing too “hardcore” please, I’m not 18 yet and won’t even be able to view anything with a strict mature tag on it. Please respect my wishes here :)

:bulletred: Anyone, watchers and non-watchers, can enter. However if you don’t watch me, you might want to keep checking back just in case there are any modifications :)

:bulletred: USE YOUR IMAGINATION! I can tell you now, the most important factor will be impact. Get me and the judges to feel, see, think what you felt, saw, thought, and you are that much closer to winning :)

:bulletred: Deadline is at 12:00 o’clock midnight (00:00) on the 25th of December, otherwise known as Christmas :D This gives you ample time to think about the theme and come up with something awesome :D If I can harass the judges enough, you might even find out if you won by New Year’s :D The deadline may be subject to change, but not without notice, so don’t worry about that :aww:

There are three judges for the contest: :iconkaz-d: :iconpurplecherry5: and me :iconha91: The final decision will lie with me :aww:

:trophy: PRIZES :trophy:

:onfire: The first place winner will get a 1 Month Sub, generously awarded by :iconkinghush: :boogie:

All winners will get journal features from:
:star: :iconha91:
:star: :iconkinghush:
:star: :iconadi-emus:
:star: :iconka-te:
:star: :icondavincipoppalag:
:star: :iconb-tek:
:star: :iconxetak6:
:star: :iconcsnyder:
:star: :iconlostknightkg:
:star: :iconksteinhoff:
:star: :icongryphtor:

and the list will grow, I'm sure of it :D

I will also make a news article of all the entries and winners! :iconraindanceplz:
I have high hopes for more prizes as the word gets around :D

I will update this section as I get more offers :) Please note/comment on my poll… if you can donate a prize (features, subs etc). I would be extremely grateful :heart:

With all that out of the way, have fun and enter, no matter what you think of yourself or your photography. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :) Ask questions, no matter how silly they might sound to you. Use your imagination. Make an impact. Take me to where you are :)

Now go brainstorm! :sprint:
© 2009 - 2021 HA91
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Update the prizes deary XD
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Wonderful topic, our life is all about travelling, evolving, and...uncertainty.
Good luck!!!
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wow, wonderful theme, I'll try to do something... :aww:
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I'll give a prize feature!
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can i feature any winners?
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Interesting competition :) And well, tbh Nomadism.. I guess you need to be very lucky to have those kinds of photos or working on a project like that and looking for people, but that can't be approached by the majority. As for Transcendence - I'll see what I can come up with, it's pretty doable. :)
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Does the submission have to be new?
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okay, i've submitted one. why are there so few entries?! :confused:
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I don't know, it's such a broad theme, I was expecting more interest :hmm:
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My entry has been submitted and I have mentioned this Article in the submission as well! Great idea:D
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good luck for the contest :w00t:
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thank you! :D
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i just love the theme
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why thank you :D I hope you love it enough to participate! :boogie:
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yeah, im in the intelectual process right now ;3
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sweet :D can't wait to see what you come up with :aww:
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I cant wait to see what people come up with!
HA91's avatar
Me neither! :eager:
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i've been brainstorming and doing a bit of research, actually. it's interesting the words you stumble upon in the definitions of other words. very inspiring. :D

really hope i can come up with something good for this contest hun. and i'll link this news article in my next journal, gotta keep spreading the word! :D :D
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I'm certain you'll come up with something awesome and unique :D Can't wait either! :excited:
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