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The HA-WEG group is still under construction. You can check the updates on it's progress in this journal :)

24/08/2019 Slowly uploading show resources :la:

22/08/2019 Since one admin left the track and Kartoffelpueh became very inactive, but is still contributing ideas, designs and organisation, this whole thing will be delayed to late 2019/early 2020. BUT STILL HAPPENING as we planned it to happen! There only will be a few changes and new restart on major parts. Please contact us, if you were willing to sponsor/judge and you arent anymore, otherwise we will take your latest state as granted. We would also like to invite a few new people into the team to help with stuff. For more information please look at our front page :D stay save guys

Thank you! ~the admins love you, please be patience with us.

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ahh can't wait!!!!! I want to enter this event so badly
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