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Welcome to the HARPG-Champions-League!

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HCL is on hiatus for the 2020 season.

*** SHOW CALENDAR 2019 ***



Inspired by the real life Global Champions League, the HCL is a series of top-class shows that brings the world's best showjumpers together - forming teams, they compete against each other and accumulate points throughout the season to determine which team is the world's best!

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The Team behind the event:

Obstacle and prize designs, discord administration, judging Boooberry
Judging, counsel: Fibonacho | oakhollowd |
"Idea", general administration, commentary and templates, judging: Shotechi
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Final Update
H: “Oh boy, that lineup shows again what sort of quality we’ve seen in this competition! This has been a year of the most amazing sport, fantastic sportsmanship, friendly rivalry, support… and speaking of rivalry, this year’s rivalry has been just about as intense as last year’s, but it’s come to an end, and it’s the Space Shuttles who take the big ol’ win! Congratulations to this stellar crew, landing this spaceship has been nothing but a tremendous team effort, absolutely deserved. Dear Archman here is just taking a look at the first projections, and… what’s going on, mate? You’ve got eyes as big as a Tarsier!”

A: “Goodness me… you wouldn’t believe these numbers, but… it’s confirmed, that’s the result. Unbelievable. Look at this. The Space Shuttles end the season on 630 points, all good, they take home the win. Then there’s the Paper Planes with 563 points… and the Kingfishers, also with 563 points. And then, get this: the Mad Monarchs collected 527 points throughout the season, but so did the Flamingo Flash! We’re having ties for second AND third place!”

HCL 2019 | OVERALL RANKING | Teams by HCLofficial

HCL 2019 | OVERALL RANKING | Individual by HCLofficial

Update after HCL Caesarea
Show three is in the books! We've left Caesarea, and while we're anxiously awaiting how HCL Moscow will pan out, let's look at how the rankings look after more than half of the points of this year's season have been distributed. Only two shows left means there isn't a whole lot of opportunities left to collect more points, but the leaderboard is so tightly knit that absolutely nothing is set in stone at this point. 

For now, the Planes are still clinging to the lead they've occupied since Vienna, but the margin is melting away by some great performances of rival teams like the Shuttles or the Nightingales, who have caught up to claim the Silver and Bronze positions. But then we count one point to the Monarchs, two to the Bats and eight to the Flamingos - not much needs to happen for these rankings to be turned over completely! We recall, it was a margin of twelve points the Falcons managed to best at the Finals in Disneyland last year, and we still got two shows left in the season! The HARPG Champions League has never been more thrilling for sure! 

Looking at the individual rankings, we've seen great changes there as well. Laura Bassett has taken over the top spot from Sammy Sommer after her win in Caesarea, and veteran Newton Wells has slipped into third position after some tremendous performances. Steven Lucardi is comfortably sitting on fourth position, but Bea Pemberton is close on his heels. Duncan James sits in sixth place as the second top ten Flamingo, Lex Greenlock of the Kingfishers is going strong on seventh place. The Top Ten are completed by the likes of William Rodriguez, Vienna winner, Alexa Grazzianni and April Sanders. 

It doesn't take much for things to change... stay tuned for the fourth leg that takes us far north - the HARPG Champions League in Moscow! 

Update after HCL Vienna
The first show is done and dusted! Let's recap the action in Vienna and take a look at the overall rankings after this tremendously successful prelude to what is hopefully going to be an exciting season! 

The Paper Planes have gone way beyond all expectations - with their fiercest rivals from 2018 off the roster, the door was wide open for them - and how they delivered! With a fantastic win of William Rodriguez and an 8th place of teammate Matjaz Mlakar, they secured the top rank... for now. But who knows for how much longer! The Kingfisher Korps is already hot on their heels with a 2nd and an 11th place by Ryan Jacobs and Lex Greenlock. And just like last season, the third spot on the podium is fiercely contested once more. The Monarchs sit on rank 3 for now, but some of the new teams are within touching distance - the Flamingos with only 2, the Bats with 7 and the Space Shuttles with 13 points less. 

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