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Celtic Dragon

I could probably write a comment.... How about I just read yours instead :D

More pics on my site coming soon at : [link]

{ edit: Thanks everyone for your comments and favs, I'm really glad to see someone likes this }
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found this masterpiece a few years ago postet on a different website with your copyright stamp cut away. i loved it so much that i made it my first tattoo (with some small changes and less details). i am very sorry i did it without your permission. Is it ok for you that i have your work of art on my shoulder?

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It looks awesome! Would I be able to use this for a tattoo? I would love something like this!
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Thanks for asking, sure you can use it. :)
I'm getting this tattoo'd on me this year. I altered your design and added my personal bits. I fucking love it.

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I would tattoo that.
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I love anything celtic awsome pic
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This would surely make a great tatoo.
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Hi, my name is Rob. I wanted to ask for a permission. I am building an app for tattoo artists and tattoo art fans, where artists can upload their designs and fans post, collect & share it with their FB friends which brings high exposure for artists. We want to offer different categories and this could be the img for the category Celtic. It would be awesome if i could use it as an image for that.

Here are some links to support my credibility.

Info about my app Inkspired on my website myttoos: [link]

worlds largest tattoo page (2 million fans): [link]

specific tattoo art & flash page (10.000 fans): [link]

Pls let me know if it is alright to use it. I will ask other artists for this and other categories as well.

thx so much

P.S.: Find links to my groups in my signature as well.

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Hi Rob, yes it's ok to use if you still want to.

Do I get credit for it or anything though ?
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great work, really don't know how i didn't put it in my favs:P
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damn cool.. i love this celtics designs
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Thats nice i like that, great shapes and symmetri
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i love this! i can definitely see why you liked my celtic tat now. your dragon's way more complex though, very nice!!
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omg! almost what i'm looking for...
Do you have a colour version of this?
Sooooo beautiful!!!!
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Such amazing detail, it would make a gorgeous tattoo :)
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Wow very cool!
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:wow: ...awesome! The details, shadows and the whole concept!
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Niiiice :D Good job!
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